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Management Systems

An introduction to Fujitsu Group management systems, including corporate governance, risk management, compliance and information security.

Corporate Governance

More information about Corporate Governance

An overview of the structure and status of corporate governance.

Risk Management

More information about Risk Management

An introduction to Fujitsu's risk management system and business continuity management.


More information about Compliance

An explanation of Fujitsu's structure and activities for promoting its code of conduct.

Information Security

More information about Information Security

A look at Fujitsu's approach, structure and promotion activities regarding information security.

Protection of Intellectual Property

More information about Protection of Intellectual Property

An overview of the organizational structure and response for intellectual property activities.

Brand Management

More information about Brand Management

Activities and promotion structure to further the growth of the Fujitsu brand.

Innovation Management

More information about Innovation Management

An introduction to Fujitsu's Innovation Management