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High Performance Computing with Workload-optimized Solutions

Scalable performance from Technical to Supercomputing

The importance of high performance computing (HPC) is rapidly growing because more and more scientific and technical problems are being studied on the basis of computer simulations. HPC offers analysts, engineers and scientists the computing resources they need to make vital decisions, to promote product innovations, to speed up research and development, and to reduce time to market. Fujitsu responds to the rapidly growing demand for high performance computing with intelligent solutions that deliver top performance tailored to meet today’s HPC requirements. Furthermore, these solutions already offer the scalability that will be needed to meet the increasing performance demands of the future.

Reliable HPC workload-optimized solutions that perfectly match your requirements

To address the growing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, Fujitsu provides integrated and certified HPC cluster solutions that are optimized for specific business requirements – ready-to-go.

Rely on the best platform

Fujitsu offers scalable performance architecture that is flexible enough to respond to the most diverse requirements: From the x86 CELSIUS high-end workstation to the x86 PRIMERGY industry-standard server including the new Fujitsu Software HPC Cluster Suite all the way up to the PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer. The operating system layer for these platforms is typically Linux-based, e.g. Red Hat, SUSE, CentOS.

Use your applications efficiently

Fujitsu HPC solutions support the R&D community by providing validated integrated solutions with predefined and optimized configurations for specific applications.

A success story for more than 30 years

The developments that have taken place in high performance computing over the decades can be described quite simply: Without Fujitsu research, the development of the supercomputer would have been quite different.