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Centralized, consistently monitored and managed. Physical or virtual servers and storage.


ServerView® Operations Manager
ServerView Suite`s central management component consolidates and integrates all management tasks in one easy-to-use web-based tool. It monitors and analyzes physical and virtual servers and the associated infrastructure components as storage extension units in the network. Its continuous health control via 24x7 monitoring increases the availability of the IT infrastructure. Downtimes can be reduced to a minimum or even be avoided.

ServerView® Event Manager
Provides fast, reliable and detailed information about critical server states or failures at the central management station. Moreover, the highly flexible alarm forwarding to various recipients, such as pop up, email, mobile or pager, ensures support anytime and anywhere.


ServerView® Performance Manager
monitors the utilization of server resources. It enables long-term monitoring and a utilization analysis for specific server components; it helps to detect resource bottlenecks and to guarantee service levels.

ServerView® Threshold Manager
provides accurate warnings about the utilization limits for physical or virtual server resources being reached, thus helping to easily identify current performance issues and to ensure continuous service delivery.


ServerView® Power Manager
improves the efficiency of IT operations and generates high energy savings by extensively monitoring and managing the power consumption of PRIMERGY servers. All the functions can be accessed either via the Operations Manager or the PRIMERGY’s onboard management.


ServerView® RAID Manager
provides uniform administration and monitoring of host-based hardware and software RAID solutions that are provided by different vendors for PRIMERGY platforms.

ServerView® Storage Manager
Is a uniform Storage Management Service based on SMI-S, the storage industry’s standard from SNIA. It hides the complexity of storage vendor-specific interfaces and storage connections and provides precise information when monitoring storage devices. Moreover, it has additional management functions covering storage provisioning, management of data replication and statistical information.