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Environmental Management and Communication with Society

Effectively Managing Environmental Programs

The success of our environmental programs, such as the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan, depends crucially upon effective management. Our environmental management is underpinned by top level management commitment including the President as a chair of the environmental・CSR management committee, which also includes the heads of business groups. Key to effective environmental management is use of ICT such as the Environmental Management Dashboard, a tool which also supports many of our customers’ environmental management systems. Fujitsu’s environmental management systems (EMS) are based on the ISO 14001 international standard.
Our efforts reflect the goal of "in all our actions, we protect the environment and contribute to society." This commitment is part of the Corporate Values enshrined in the Fujitsu Way, a corporate philosophy with guiding principles for the Company and its employees.

Please see Environmental Management Certification for more details of our environmental management structure across the Group.

We also believe strongly in communicating on sustainability matters two-way – both to our customers and employees (e.g. on our targets and our performance against them) and with our many other stakeholders (such as NGOs and market analysts). Fujitsu conducts environmental dialogues with a broad range of stakeholders about Fujitsu Group's environmental activities, and building a trusting, cooperative relationship with society.

Environmental Management

We are continuously working to improve our ISO 14001-based environmental management systems and to promote group-wide environmental management.


The Fujitsu Group actively releases information related to our environmental management and continuously strives for two-way communication with all our stakeholders through dialogue with them.

Environmental Social Activities

Fujitsu Group strives to contribute to society through our main business to help realize a sustainable and affluent society, and each and every employee contributes to society as a corporate citizen.