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At the same time as working to achieve bidirectional communication with all our stakeholders including overseas stakeholders, we aim at strengthening our environmental management through dialogue with stakeholders.

Communicating with Stakeholders

We strive to improve our environmental activities through communication with our stakeholders.

Collaboration with External Parties

The Fujitsu Group works to reinforce environmental management through cooperation with external organizations.

List of External Awards and External Evaluations

The Fujitsu Group's various initiatives for developing a sustainable society have been highly praised by external observers.

Event & Seminar

Here are some examples of our environment-related events and seminars.

Fujitsu Group Sustainability Report

The Fujitsu Group publishes a sustainability report summarizing its environmental management activities and the resultant outcome.

The Green Policy Innovation Logo

The Green Policy Innovation Logo

The Green Policy Innovation Logo

The Fujitsu Group started its Green ICT project, called Green Policy Innovation, in December 2007. We began using the Green Policy Innovation Logo in November 2008 so that customers can easily identify products and services that are part of this project.

Only products that meet specific requirements may display this symbol. One category is "Green" products that meet our strict environmental criteria for recycling, energy conservation, environmentally responsible materials and other criteria. Another is "Super Green" products, which meet the highest levels of environmental criteria among all Fujitsu Group products. We also use this symbol for Environmental Solutions which can lower customers' CO2 emissions by at least 15%.

Environmental Emblem

Environmental Emblem

Environmental Emblem

This Environmental Emblem symbolizing the stance of the Fujitsu Group with respect to the environment was unveiled in November 1994. The emblem consists of the Earth, a pair of eyes, and an infinity symbol, which is used as part of the Fujitsu Logo. The meaning is that the Fujitsu Group will always conduct its business caring for the Earth.
The Environmental Emblem can be found, among other places, in Fujitsu Group Sustainability Reports and in association with Group environmental and social contribution activities.