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Essential Network Automation for Complex Networks

In networks with potentially billions of endpoints, network automation is essential. The sheer size of 5G+ integrated networks requires automated scaling, healing, upgrading, and dynamic network slicing— while the network is processing traffic. Network operations teams need the flexibility to configure and re-configure the network and supporting infrastructure based on traffic content and context, with as little manual intervention as possible. Add end-to-end service delivery considerations for the RAN, transport, optical network and 5G+ core, and network automation enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) is needed to guarantee quality of service delivery.

Turn Network Operations into a revenue growth engine

Network automation not only cuts operational costs and complexity, it opens up new ways to monetize the network, including new business models and new service offerings that are highly differentiated. To realize these benefits, network operators need network automation applications that provide service management and orchestration, open network control, and data-driven network intelligence.

Advanced Automation from the RAN to the Mobile Core

The Fujitsu Network Automation applications for 5G+ service management and orchestration, transport, and optical networking enables a wide range of advanced network capabilities, including:
  • expanding the reach, productivity, and value of the network
  • unwinding complexity and enabling powerful functionality
  • unified orchestration, control, and management of the multidomain network.

With Fujitsu Network Automation applications built by the Virtuora cloud, Network Operators can leverage an established multivendor ecosystem to evolve any network to support modern service delivery.

Enabling Network Transformation with Scalable, Modular Solutions

A Rich Portfolio of Network Automation Offerings

Network Intelligence Powered by AI/ML

Network Intelligence Powered by AI/ML
Fulfill the promise of high-bandwidth, ultra-reliable, ultra-low latency applications.

Open Network Control and Management

Open Network Control and Management
Enable end-to-end operational automation, service orchestration and network programmability.

5G+ Service Management and Orchestration

5G+ Service Management and Orchestration
Network and service orchestration for multidomain, multivendor environments.

Automated Assurance

Automated Assurance
Comprehensive Service Assurance that manages physical and virtual infrastructure.

Classic Network Management

Classic Network Management
Contain operating expenses by reducing the time and complexity associated with day-to-day operational and maintenance tasks.

Is EMS Consolidation the Right Investment for Your Network?

By combining element management systems, service providers can achieve greater opex and capex efficiencies, reducing TCO. Plug in your numbers to our ROI calculator to receive a customized report that calculates your potential savings over a 10 year period. Fujitsu can then work with you to develop an EMS Consolidation solution that works best for your business.

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