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Ignite network analytics with AI/ML and generative AI

Intelligent applications powered by advanced automation

The growing complexity of converged networks and the demands of service orchestration and delivery across wireless, wireline, and data center networks make unified analytics and automation driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence a critical need. Now, with network automation driven by cross-organizational data digitization and AI/ML methods, network operators can deliver an interoperable multivendor network environment for end-end networking that guarantees high-bandwidth, ultra-reliable, and ultra-low latency traffic.
Fujitsu network intelligence and analytics tools applies vendor-neutral data wrangling, analytics, and AI/ML to enable a wide range of network-centric capabilities, such as:
  • Anomaly detection and fault predictions
  • Traffic prediction
  • Network snapshots
  • Alarm storm detection and root cause analysis
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Continuously optimize complex networks with AI and analytics

By coupling Virtuora advanced analytics and network automation, network operators gain a powerful solution that turns networks operations into a revenue growth engine. Add intelligent applications, neural network models, artificial intelligence, machine learning and generative AI to network control, and  orchestration, and network operators can get new services to market faster by increasing operations efficiencies and reducing downtime, all while improving the overall customer experience.

Virtuora AX Solution Brief

Virtuora AX Solution Briefing

Virtuora AX MicroApplications

Virtuora AX MicroApplications

Realize value right now with Fujitsu generative AI

Realize value right now with Fujitsu generative AI

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