Network Modernization solutions

Modernize Your Network

If you built your network ten or more years ago, chances are you have legacy transport equipment that is reaching end of life. These older devices, especially when they are no longer supported by the original manufacturers, are costly to operate and maintain and increase the risk of service outages.

Older equipment is much larger than today’s equipment, occupying valuable floor space that could be better used. Legacy equipment also consumes massive amounts of power and produces excessive heat. These factors all keep your operating costs high.

Moreover, most legacy equipment is operating well below its traffic capacity, with numerous ports sitting idle due to operators transitioning their networks from TDM to IP.

To increase network resiliency, reduce operating costs, and get ready to deliver next-generation services, many operators are modernizing their networks. Fujitsu’s Network Modernization service provides expert help for successfully planning and implementing these complex and often challenging projects.

Our vendor-agnostic service supports platforms from multiple vendors, allowing us to recommend and implement the best solution to meet your goals.

The Network Modernization service supports a broad range of traffic migrations, including:

  • Migrating “like to like”
  • Migrating legacy to next-generation equipment
  • A-to-Z migrations with circuit redesigns
  • Network core flattening

The Many Benefits of NetMod

Fujitsu’s NetMod service brings a host of benefits to service providers.

Network Modernization Domains

Operating across four multivendor domains, the Fujitsu Network Modernization service uses a holistic approach, ensuring each project delivers the desired outcomes.

Recognized as a Leader in Network Modernization

The right people, methodology, and tools makes our Network Modernization service stand out from the rest. We bring you a high-value market-competitive service that meets your needs faster.

  • We use a dedicated team of experts to plan and implement every project. This team brings together highly skilled experts with vast working knowledge and experience.
  • We’ve developed proven methodology, processes, and procedures from the ground up to ensure consistently high-quality results while de-risking live traffic migrations.
  • We use intelligent automation tools, built in-house by Fujitsu research scientists & developers, to automate tasks across all project phases.

We Deliver Results

Fujitsu is the right partner to safely migrate network traffic when replacing or consolidating your legacy network equipment We’ve completed over 500 successful Network Modernization projects since 2014, migrating over a million circuits across North America.

How can we help modernize your network?

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