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The Open ROADM initiative and Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) brought together multiple vendors and network operators to create an agreed approach to building networks that are scalable, cost-effective and flexible. The Open ROADM MSA defines interoperability specifications for ROADM networks, including control and management.  Fujitsu has been a key contributing member since the project’s inception. You can find more information at the Open ROADM project website,

The Fujitsu Open ROADM Solution

The Fujitsu Open ROADM solution is specifically developed to meet the standards set forth by the Open ROADM MSA community and is compliant with Open ROADM MSA 1.2. The solution brings together the 1FINITY™ disaggregated optical networking platforms; the Virtuora® suite of SDN/NFV software tools and applications; and expert multivendor integration services.

Solution Benefits

  • Open ROADM MSA compliance
  • Freedom of vendor and network element choice
  • Pay-as-you-go financial flexibility
  • Innovation acceleration

Functional Elements

The Fujitsu Open ROADM solution combines the following elements:


  • 1FINITY L100 series blades, release 3.2.3
  • 1FINITY C201 Communications Integrator blade, release 3.2.3

Transponder Node

  • 1FINITY T300 Transport blade, release 1.2.4
  • 1FINITY C202 Communications Integrator blade, release 1.2.4

SDN Controller

  • Virtuora Network Controller (NC), release 4.3.1