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FUJITSU Enterprise Platform Services Academy

Fujitsu established the EPS Academy in order to promote learning among IT specialists at all levels, thus ensuring future expertise and career opportunities when it comes to mainframe and data center technologies.

In light of the central role these technologies play in the age of digitalization, in addition to current demographic change and the subsequent rising demand for specialists, the EPS Academy provides excellent opportunities for those individuals interested in professional IT and who are laying the foundation for their future career.
Enterprise Platform Services Academy
The training programs conducted by the EPS Academy offer customers, partners, students and Fujitsu employees a wide range of possibilities for career enhancement when it comes to mainframe and data center technologies.

What Fujitsu offers

Up-to-date expertise of relevance to mainframe and data center technologies, for example, BS2000, VME and z/OS, plus application integration in x86 and Linux system landscapes based on advanced web interfaces
  • Modern learning techniques for specific target groups
  • Competent advice and support during the learning process
  • Networking that ranges from entry-level to continuing education and advanced research contacts
  • Sustainability as a basic principle – supported by a combination of theory and practice, not to mention the benefits of knowledge sharing and multiplication through networks

The EPS Academy is supported by four pillars

  • Training and Enhancement
  • Education
  • Dual Study Program
  • Academic Cooperations

Training and Enhancement Training on the Job

Choose from a varied and comprehensive program

Education Dual Studies

Attractive education offerings for secondary school graduates and students

Dual Study Program Classroom Training

You want to combine work and education

Academic Cooperations Cooperation Universities

You want to know more about our close cooperation with universities?