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Efficient working requires seamless interaction between your IT systems and users. Fujitsu delivers through a comprehensive range of intuitive, useful accessories covering human input, storage, connectivity, carrying cases, biometric security and multimedia. Mirroring Fujitsu’s overall design language, these products guarantee maximum compatibility across Fujitsu systems. This enables “one-stop shopping”, saving you time and money.

Storage CELVIN NAS Server

Either backing up or just too much data - extra storage is the solution

Notebook Accessories Notebook accessories

Turn your Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Series notebook into a personalized tool with accessories from Fujitsu and its partners.

Input Devices Mice and Keyboards

Confident key stroking is the experience that Fujitsu Input Devices want to offer. The stylish and ergonomically designed keyboards and mice are

Connectivity Connectivity

The ideal appendages for every possible computing requirement.

Security Security

Protect your notebook from unauthorized access and theft.

Scanners and Printers Scanners

Make your documents as mobile as you are. Scanners, printers and biometric products