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Microelectronics & Electronic Devices


  • ASICs - Standard cells, embedded arrays, gate arrays, IP macros, packaging, design resources
  • ASSPs - Phase Locked Loop (PLLs), power management ICs, biometric sensors
  • Displays - TFT LCDs, Plasma Display Panels (PDPs)
  • Memory Products - Flash memory, Fast Cycle RAM (FCRAM)
  • Microcontrollers - 8, 16 and 32-bit MCUs
  • Wafer Foundry Services - High-end CMOS technology, normal CMOS technology, CMOS high voltage, Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS)
  • System LSI Solutions - Digital TV set top box, DVB MPEG source decoder, DVB/DSS frontend channel decoder & demodulator, MPEG-2 encoder, imaging products

Find out more about Fujitsu semiconductor products on the Fujitsu Semiconductor Pacific Asia website.

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