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Warranty Information - Server and Storage

Fujitsu will provide its customers, for the duration of the warranty period, a warranty for each server and its component parts, from the date of delivery of the product to its customer.

Fujitsu PRIMERGY entry level (single processor socket) servers are covered by 1 year on-site warranty including parts and labour and PRIMERGY business servers (two processor sockets or more) are covered by a comprehensive 3-year on-site warranty including both parts and labour. Entry level servers are all servers with a one (1) in the third character of the model number e.g. RX100, TX100, TX120, TX140, TX150. Fujitsu will repair or replace any defect in material or workmanship in PRIMERGY product provided by Fujitsu Australia Limited, Fujitsu New Zealand Limited or one of their authorised representatives.

All PRIMERGY servers must be registered for warranty with Fujitsu within 7 days of product installation via the warranty registration website below.

PRIMERGY Warranty Registration

Registration is also required for any Warranty Uplift services within 30 days of installation via the registration website shown above.

Calls for warranty service can be logged with Fujitsu's Customer Contact Group (Australia) or the Contact Centre (New Zealand).

On-site warranty service

Using a combination of Fujitsu Field Service engineers and Fujitsu Authorised Service Agents (ASA) within the main metropolitan centres and also in outlying regional centres (non-metro), Fujitsu can offer customers a complete, nationwide end-to-end on-site service delivery.

Fujitsu's standard and uplift on-site warranty includes the cost of labour, travel and spare parts, provided that the server product is located within 50kms (by road) of a Fujitsu Customer Support Centre. If the product is not located within the 50km radius, a travel charge will be incurred based on the standard Fujitsu Customer Support rates applicable at the time of the service call.

On-site warranty service response will be provided on a 'next business day' basis, 8.00am to 6.00pm (EST) Monday through to Friday (excluding Public Holidays in New South Wales, Australia or New Zealand, as applicable) ("standard hours"). 'next business day' means within the standard hours on the next business day following the logging of a warranty call before 3.00pm on the previous business day. On-site service response refers to an on-site visit by a technician if required.

Warranty uplifts

Upgrades to standard warranty service can be arranged and purchased for PRIMERGY server systems. Business hours may be extended from standard 10x5 to 24x7 and response time may be reduced from next business day to 4 hours or 2 hours.

Service calls received outside of the standard hours will be responded to within the agreed Warranty Uplift Service Level. Should a call be placed nearer to close of uplift standard hours, the response time could extend into the next working day.

Other levels of maintenance service can be delivered by specific contract with Fujitsu Services.

How to log a warranty call

Australia and New Zealand

Warranty service claims are to be made through an Authorised Service Agent (ASA). Warranty calls can be logged with Fujitsu Services on:

Customer Contact Group Australia
Toll Free: 1800 808 986 (24hours/7 days a week)

Contact Centre New Zealand
Toll Free: 0800 658 275 (24hours/7 days a week)

You will be requested to provide the following information:

  • Customer Number (obtained via letter sent from Fujitsu confirming warranty registration)
  • Name and address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Location of equipment
  • Date of purchase of the equipment
  • Product and serial number
  • Model, specification and configuration information
  • Brief description of the problem (short clear description)

Warranty Uplift customers will also need to provide the following:

  • Warranty uplift service level
  • Warranty uplift expiry

An engineer will be allocated and paged and the equipment repaired on-site.

Note: Out of warranty service calls may also be logged with the Customer Contact Centre and will be billed accordingly.

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

  • Fujitsu does not, as part of this warranty, cover third party software or documentation.
  • In the event of a system failure, Fujitsu will not be responsible for providing or re-loading software, except where offered as an optional service.
  • Warranty does not cover repair of a system where a security feature has been activated and the password(s) can not be provided.
  • The customer must provide proof of purchase when making warranty claims against the Fujitsu warranty.
  • Replacement parts provided by Fujitsu during warranty service shall either be new or equivalent to new in performance. All replaced parts shall become the property of Fujitsu.
  • The Fujitsu warranty will be treated as invalid if the equipment has been damaged or rendered defective as a result of:-
    • accident, misuse or abuse
    • any form of service or interference by anyone other than Fujitsu or a Fujitsu Authorised Service Agent
    • modification to the hardware and/or software sold by Fujitsu to the purchaser without the written permission of Fujitsu, and
    • the use of parts not manufactured or sold by Fujitsu
  • Fujitsu does not, and will not, provide warranty on any non approved Fujitsu products, either hardware or software, which are not Fujitsu approved products installed by either Fujitsu or a Fujitsu Authorised Service Agent.
  • If Fujitsu determines that the equipment is not defective within the terms of the warranty, the customer will pay Fujitsu all costs of handling, transportation, travel, labour and repairs at Fujitsu’s then prevailing rates.

Other than as stated in this warranty, and apart from any warranty or condition implied by law and which cannot be excluded, all conditions and warranties are excluded to the full extent allowed by law.

These warranty provisions are subject to any statutory provisions mandatorily imposed by any consumer protection or manufacturers warranties legislation. To the extent Fujitsu is entitled to do so, Fujitsu’s liability will be limited at its option to the replacement of a product, the supply of an equivalent product or the repair of a product, or the payment of the cost of doing any of those things.

More information

PRIMERGY Warranty Registration