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Fujitsu Printers


Fujitsu's printer range consists of professional quality dot matrix printers

If you wish to purchase our dot matrix printers please click here* or call 1300 55 22 50

For consumables purchase, please click here*

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Dot matrix printers

These products have a two year return-to-base warranty.

PDF DL3750+ (1.48 MB )(Parallel/Serial) $761 excluding GST

PDF DL3850+ (1.48 MB )(Parallel/USB) $811 excluding GST

PDF DL7400 (469 KB)(Parallel/Serial) $1,523 excluding GST *Replacement of DL6400Pro

PDF DL7600 (1.23 MB )(Parallel/USB with LED) $2,235 excluding GST

PDF FP-410 (1.35 MB ) $695 excluding GST