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Featured Global Business Solutions

Fujitsu will proudly announce the specially featured business solutions stack which can be provided global-wide. Learn more about individual solutions by clicking the contents below.

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Category Solution Brochure Video Trial Contact
Manufacturing glovia G2 pdf PDF Emaile-mail
glovia OM
SAP Global Template pdf PDF Emaile-mail
PRO-NES pdf PDF YouTube Emaile-mail
(PLM:Production Lifecycle Management)
FJGP4D pdf PDF YouTube Emaile-mail
FJVPS pdf PDF Emaile-mail
FJICAD/SX pdf PDF Emaile-mail
FJICAD/MX pdf PDF Emaile-mail
FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager pdf PDF Emaile-mail
SQTRACER pdf PDF Emaile-mail
CADEWA pdf PDF Emaile-mail
Logistics WebSERVE WMS pdf PDF Emaile-mail
Business Application IT Policy N@vi pdf PDF YouTube Free Demo Emaile-mail
Documal pdf PDF
Education & Public sector Student Portfolio System pdf PDF Emaile-mail
Library Management System pdf PDF Emaile-mail
  • glovia G2
    The new generation production management system. Based on, glovia G2 holds advanced functionality and usability by leveraging RIA and SOA platform.
  • glovia OM
    Business application that extends additional features to Salesforce CRM, such as management for sales / inventory /procurement / production / field services.
  • SAP Best Practices
    A global service framework for SAP to strongly support integrating company-wide cross-regional business by collaborating with global sites of Fujitsu.
    An integrated ERP system that allows you to unify the core of business among management board and frontlines. It consists of several key modules to manage such as sales, productions, cost, or finance.
  • FJGP4D
    By focusing on human activities, this software simulates efficient process design and multilateral validation on virtual production line. Also, it can instantly create a whole factory layout, and determine the most suitable lines after optimization through numerous try & errors.
    High usability across departments such as designs, productions, and sales will lead to the total optimization of product development process.
    Light-speed 3D CAD engine which can process 1 million parts per every 0.2 seconds will strongly support equipments & machine designs.
    Hybrid CAD solution that enables 2D & 3D mixed environment in one place, by emulating 3D effect as an extention of 2D design.
  • FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager
    It can easily manage 3D model data or other related digital documents in a single environment effectively.
    This unique solution provides traceability to pursue requirements defined in ISO26262 standards and bring safety and quality for product development to an advanced level.
    High performance CAD application for building facilities which can draw high quality designs of electrical equipments and facilities effectively.
    A warehouse management solution on smart client which enables you to control inventories across numbers of customers or warehouses.
  • IT Policy N@vi
    Feather-light end-to-end cloud service to ensure your IT asset governance and end-point security at a glance. At the same time, compliance behavior of employees may improve by providing scheduled assessment and heads-up for organizational policies.
  • Documal
    Highly versatile enterprise document management solution, which is most suitable for vast amount of paper/digital documents. Typical ECM features such as approval workflow, archiving, or log management is also available.
  • Student Portfolio System
    Total support solution for university and college administration such as admission, employment, or even managing relationship with alumni/alumnae. It may realize streamlining as well as visualization and leveraging of information.
  • Library Management System
    Cloud-based public library service with management features.

For manufacturing and retail business

Fujitsu supports manufacturing and retail industries by various kinds of "battle-ready" solutions and contribute to ever-changing global society.

For manufacturing and retail business

For financial business

Fujitsu provides solutions in order to realize strategic and sustainable financial business.

For education business

Fujitsu provides wide range of solutions for effective and efficient education and research activities.

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  • 2014. 4. 1.
    We have launched a webpage for featured global business solutions.

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