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FMV-BIBLO Series (1995)

The first model in the FMV-BIBLO series was released in 1995. This was a series of notebook PCs with superior portability and ease of operation which could be used at various locations including at home and in or out of the office. The B5-sized machine was equipped with a lithium-ion battery and put high emphasis on portable use. It was pre-installed with the same wide variety of software as the FMV-DESKPOWER series, and was exhibited as a personal computer which even beginners could easily use immediately after purchase. Initially, both the personal-use and business-use notebook computers in the series were named "FMV-BIBLO". Later, in October 1998 the FMV-BIBLO LIFEBOOK series was established as a series of computers for businesses. The models for personal use were standardized with the brand BIBLO and those for business-use with the brand LIFEBOOK.