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Corporate Responsibility

The Fujitsu Group's CSR

Our vision for achieving a sustainable society.

Management Systems

Fujitsu's framework for corporate governance, compliance, risk management and other management issues.

With Our People

A look at diversity and human resource development at Fujitsu.

  • Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
  • Creating Good Working Conditions
  • Occupational Health and Safety and Health Management
  • Human Resource Development and Career Design
  • List of Employee Related Indicators

With Our Stakeholders

Fujitsu's approach to fulfilling its social responsibilities.

Community Involvement

Fujitsu's activities for fostering harmonious relationships with global and local communities.

  • Approach to Social Contribution Activities
  • Employee Volunteer Activity Support System
  • Promoting Learning & Education, and Cultural and Sponsorship Activities
  • Contributing to Society through Sports
  • International Support and Disaster-Relief Activities
  • Environmental and Social Contribution Activities


  • Regions Responsible Business Reports

Related Topics

A snapshot of recent awards we have received in areas such as the environment and technology.

Global Sustainability solutionsGlobal Sustainability Solutions
We can help you assess the full environmental impact of your ICT assets and explore ways of optimizing your business through ICT across the entire lifecycle.