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This section features the computers developed in the past by Fujitsu.

Mainframe Computers More information about Main Frame Computers

Large-scale computers used for applications such as core corporate data processing or university research.


Super high-speed computers used primarily for scientific and technological calculations.


Small-scale computers used in fields such as industrial control, telecommunications control, and scientific and technological calculations.

Small Business Computers More information about Business Computers

Small-scale computers for office processing, whose development flourished from the 1960s to 1990s.


Computers connecting multiple clients, used for business operations.

Personal Computers More information about Personal Computers

Familiar, everyday computers which have become indispensable parts of our work and daily lives.

Japanese Word Processors More information about Word Processors

Specialized devices with a focus on document creation.


Equipment used in combination with computers, such as printers and external storage units.


Devices connected to other computers via networks, used for entering and displaying information.


Programs which function between a computer's hardware/OS and business applications, to support various systems.

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