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Obsolete product information

TeamPad400G has been discontinued.
Current products can be found on the Product Page.

Now with integrated barcode scanner and advanced new Features for added user flexibility

Fujitsu's lightweight, ergonomic TeamPad400G brings a new dimension to mobile computing. Its streamlined design, with the keypad positioned at the bottom for easier operation, looks good too, thanks to its large, semi-transmissive color LCD display that ensures high visibility under virtually any conditions, indoors or out. And at a light 280 grams (with standard capacity battery pack) it fits the hand comfortably when inputting data or utilizing the integrated barcode scanner, ensuring positive operation with less user fatigue. Windows® CE 5.0 ensures the widest possible data interface, including wireless, under major mobile communications standards.


Vibration Function

The newly added vibration function can be used to confirm scans in situations where sound from the speaker is undesirable, or in noisy work environments.

CF Card Slot

Insertion of a CF card enables two-way data transfers via WAN, etc., permitting online tasks from remote locations.

Built-in Wireless LAN

Enables real-time access to data in store system or enterprise system. Integrated wireless chips and antenna realize a slim, unobtrusive packaging.

Built-in Bluetooth™(factory option)

Realizes variable wireless communication for PAN (Personal Area Network). Ideal for mobile printer connectivity.

Robust and Reliable

Solid construction stands up to the shocks, drops and vibrations encountered in the course of business use. Outstanding water resistance adapts to virtually any environment.

Long Battery Life

For extended use between rechargings, the large capacity battery provides up to 12 hours(note) of usage.

(note) Can vary depending on operating conditions.

Dual Scan Modes

In addition to the normal scanning mode, a narrow mode setting facilitates scanning when two narrow barcodes are aligned side by side, facilitating smoother, more accurate operation.


  • TeamPad 400G
  • TeamPad 400G Built-in Bluetooth


TeamPad400G Descriptions


USB adapter
LAN adapter
Battery pack charger (with recharging via USB adapter connection)