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Obsolete product information

B-PAD has been discontinued.
Successor products can be found on the Product Page.

So small, so powerful and so versatile. Mobile computing power that makes every task go smoother.

The palm-sized Fujitsu B-PAD is so small, so powerful and so versatile that it will truly change the way you do business.

B-PAD is one of the first mobile computers to offer the Microsoft Windows® CE operating system for the ultimate in power, flexibility and reliability. Furthermore, Microsoft Windows® CE creates a scalable wireless platform that supports all key mobile communications standards and facilitates connecting mobile devices to an existing infrastructure.

B-PAD includes a laser scanner, magnetic stripe reader and a keypad in a palm-sized, lightweight package. A bright color LCD with reflective TFT touch screen provides wide-angle viewing even in brilliant sunlight.

These lightweight, rugged handheld devices give real-time access to corporate systems for in-store retail, medical and a host of other related applications.

Note: Subject to local availability. Please contact your Fujitsu sales representative for details.