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Corporate Values

The Fujitsu Group's "Corporate Values" contains a set of value statements for achieving our Corporate Vision.

What we strive for:

What we value:

What we strive for:

Society and Environment

In all our actions, we protect the environment and contribute to society.

As a good corporate citizen, the Fujitsu Group takes a leading role in sustaining the well-being of society through our business activities.

To contribute to the creation of a sustainable environment for future generations, we have made environmental protection a top management priority. With clear environmental goals set for all our business areas, we conduct our business activities in a well-planned and sustainable manner.

In accordance with the Fujitsu Green Procurement Policy, we are committed to implementing Green Procurement throughout our supply chain, which includes our business partners. From the earliest stage of development our products incorporate energy conservation concepts in design and material selection. These initiatives ensure that we provide our customers with eco-friendly products that reduce the burden on the environment.

In order to help customers in their efforts to protect the environment, we are also supplying them with environmental solutions incorporating the know-how and innovative technology we developed for our own environmental countermeasures. In this way, we work together with our customers in protecting the global environment.

As a global corporation, we have developed deep roots in communities around the world and engage in social activities in harmony with these local communities. This includes the promotion of cultural events, sporting activities, youth educational programs and other local initiatives.

The Fujitsu Group's DNA

Being environmentally friendly is a prerequisite to remaining viable as a company. We must be committed to this basic policy and implement it consistently and continuously.
(Hiroaki Kurokawa, 12th president, Fiscal 2007 Management Direction Address)

For further details:

Profit and Growth

We strive to meet the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders.

In order to contribute to society on a sustainable basis over the long term, the Fujitsu Group must remain financially sound. We need to generate a healthy profit from our business activities and re-invest that profit for future growth.

Sustainable profitability and growth are vital in winning the confidence of all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners and employees.

Increasing our corporate value will also deepen the trust society places in our organization.

The Fujitsu Group's DNA

By striving to be profitable and ensuring stable growth, we can achieve continuous improvement and an unlimited future.
We should make "Infinite Growth" our corporate slogan.
(Kanjiro Okada, 5th president, sales promotion meeting, 1962)

Shareholders and Investors

We seek to continuously increase our corporate value.

We aim to continuously increase corporate value and meet the expectations of shareholders and investors by achieving long-term sustainable growth and profit, and by pursuing strategic business expansion and focused management, while maintaining a sound financial standing.

We enhance our management transparency by appropriate and timely disclosure of our business activities and financial information. This ensures that investors and shareholders understand how we are performing in enhancing our corporate value.

The Fujitsu Group's DNA

We need to provide returns to our shareholders commensurate with their investment.
In return for their investment, we have a responsibility and duty to respond to their expectations regarding profits and Fujitsu's corporate value.
(Hiroaki Kurokawa, 12th president, Kurosan's Office message on "The Interests of Shareholders," 2007)

Global Perspective

We think and act from a global perspective.

In an increasingly globalized and borderless business world, we conduct our activities from a global perspective, positioned as a true global player.

Being a truly global corporation means more than just achieving higher sales in markets outside of Japan. It is about mobilizing the full resources of the Fujitsu Group worldwide to support customers who operate their businesses globally, and unleashing, for the benefit of all customers around the world, the talent, capabilities and know-how of our employees in each region. To best meet these global objectives, we will focus on developing our personnel and improving our organizational structures.

In incorporating new ideas and technology, we will further promote local business activities in each region and, at the same time, strengthen our global business capabilities to enhance the trust in and value of the Fujitsu brand.

What we value:


We respect diversity and support individual growth.

Employees are our most valuable asset.

By combining the talents of employees, each with their own unique qualities and way of thinking, our corporate value increases. We, therefore, respect the diversity of our employees. We also support our employees in their efforts to enhance their capabilities and develop skills through their work so they can achieve individual growth.

Specifically, we will:

  • create a dynamic corporate culture that promotes a balance between employees' personal and professional lives.
  • evaluate and reward employees fairly.
  • provide opportunities for skills development and support for such efforts.
  • ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

We are committed to being an organization wherein all employees are strongly motivated, have ample opportunities for advancement and work with pride and confidence.

The Fujitsu Group's DNA

I keenly felt that I must make this company into one where every employee would feel pride and joy.
(Manjiro Yoshimura, 1st president, remarks in Fujitsu News, 1935)


We seek to be their valued and trusted partner.

All our ideas and actions originate from a customer-centric approach to business. We aim to contribute to the success of our customers and grow together as their valued and trusted partner. It is important, therefore, that we always take a customer-centric approach in all our business activities, including product development, service delivery and sales activities. This means always thinking of ways to contribute to their business activities.

We will be a valued and trusted partner to our customers by proactively proposing new ideas for the success of their business and establishing long-term relationships built on customer satisfaction and trust. As IT professionals, we must always be prepared to provide candid advice to our customers and engage in a free exchange of views.

All our business units use this approach with customers, from individuals to large organizations, irrespective of the types of business, services or products provided.

The Fujitsu Group's DNA

If our customers have a problem, we should solve it promptly, putting ourselves in their shoes.
(Manjiro Yoshimura, 1st president, presentation at the company founding, 1935)

Fujitsu aims to be an indispensable partner to its customers so that they can fully utilize IT to establish their competitive position, leading to the success of their management and business.
(Hiroaki Kurokawa, 12th president, Kurosan's Office message, 2003)

Business Partners

We build mutually beneficial relationships.

We see our business partners as invaluable contributors, enabling us to add value to the products and services we provide to our customers.

We seek to build close relationships with our partners, working to create long-term mutual benefit and learning from each other. As good business partners, we wish to enhance each other's capabilities, aiming at the common goals of sustained growth and prosperity.

We work with our business partners to ensure that our entire supply chain maintains the highest standards for human rights, fair trade, environmental protection, regulatory compliance, workplace health and safety, product quality and safety, information security and all other requirements in fulfilling our social, environmental, ethical and legal obligations.

The Fujitsu Group's DNA

We cannot do business without the cooperation of you, our business partners. Only together, utilizing our comprehensive capabilities in every field, can we support our customers' business.
(Hiroaki Kurokawa, 12th president, address at business partner conference, 2007)


We seek to create new value through innovation.

Since our foundation, our aim has been to pursue IT innovation based on our belief in the infinite possibilities of technological development. This pursuit has resulted in such milestones as the development of the world's first High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT), an ultra-high-speed transistor, the introduction of the Japanese processing Extended Features (JEF), which made it possible to process Japanese kanji characters, and the successful launch of "PROPOSE," an integrated services framework for information and communication systems. Supported by our leading-edge technology and the innovative products created from it, we have become a leader in the development of the information society. This relentless pursuit of new technological development is the key driver of our growth.

We contribute to the business activities of our customers by timely recognition of their changing needs and by pursuing technologies they value. With global competition in mind, we will develop new markets, differentiate ourselves from competitors and aim to make our technologies de facto standards.

There is no foreseeable end to the progress generated by the information society, and our business and lifestyles continue to change dramatically as a result. The Fujitsu Group creates new value through leading-edge technology based on our innovative ideas, contributing to a rewarding and secure networked society.

The Fujitsu Group's DNA

We are committed to continued aggressive development of new high-level technologies for our infinite growth. With a clear vision and purpose in mind, we select the best ways to proceed from a careful consideration of all options. This is what we mean by creativity.
(Taiyu Kobayashi, 8th president, Fujitsu News, 1977)


We enhance the reputation of our customers and the reliability of social infrastructure.

The quality of products and services we provide to our customers determines the reliability of infrastructure supporting people's daily lives in a modern networked society. We view quality as fundamental to our business activities. To enable everyone to equally and securely enjoy the benefits of the networked society, we are committed to continuous quality improvement.

By "quality," we mean more than just products and services meeting our own specifications. It means meeting customers' requirements and ensuring quality in all dealings with our customers. Quality is, therefore, not just the responsibility of our research, manufacturing and service departments, but is the responsibility of all departments. When we think about quality, our aim is therefore to continuously meet the quality levels expected by our customers in everything we do.

The initiatives we all take for improving quality also enhance our brand. In order to successfully support a rewarding and secure networked society, we will relentlessly pursue quality improvements to ensure the continued trust of our customers and society.

The Fujitsu Group's DNA

"Quality speaks for itself."
We will focus all of our energy on improvement of reliability by going one step beyond the generally accepted concept of eliminating defects.
(Kanjiro Okada, 5th president, address to launch the "High Reliability Campaign," 1966)

What we sell to our customers is not a machine but "reliability."
(Taiyu Kobayashi, 8th president, "Memoirs of Taiyu Kobayashi," 1995)