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These are the principles we adhere to in all business dealings and actions in accordance with our Corporate Values.

Global Citizenship

We act as good global citizens, attuned to the needs of society and the environment.

In conducting our business activities worldwide in close association with local communities, we recognize that we are, first and foremost, members of society, not just members of an organization. We therefore act as responsible members of society based on sound ethics and integrity.

We comply with all laws, conform to social norms considered to be fair, and remain conscious of the basic manners and courtesies appropriate to each location. In addition, we will be responsive to and act in accordance with the needs of society. We will always be conscious that we are representatives of the Fujitsu Group and act appropriately.

Communication is a key component of being an active member of society. This means not only sharing information and knowledge but also having empathy with others, listening to their opinions and respecting their feelings in order to strengthen mutual trust. Through active engagement in society and improved communication, we seek to be valuable members of our communities.

Customer-Centric Perspective

We think from the customer's perspective and act with sincerity.

We strive to be indispensable partners to our customers.

With this principle in mind, we think and act in our business activities with sincerity and proactively contribute to the business of our customers. In so doing, we seek to add value beyond simply selling products and services.

In a changing world, we place ourselves in the position of the customer to better and more rapidly understand new requirements and innovate to meet those needs as quickly and accurately as possible.

A "customer-centric" approach means understanding the issues from the customer's point of view, and doing more than trying to understand the issues just by observing the customer.

Regardless of whether we deal directly with customers, we consider ourselves part of this customer-centric approach and always reflect on why our customers trust and select us as their business partner. Adopting a customer-centric approach means going beyond our own sphere of work and doing what is necessary from the customer's perspective.

Firsthand Understanding

We act based on a firsthand understanding of the actual situation.

We see the ability to quickly recognize change, set targets and take appropriate action to achieve the objectives as critical to our continued business success.

In meeting our business objectives, it is important that we follow each step of the "plan, do, check, and act" cycle. Each step of that cycle, however, is premised on going directly onsite to the source of the problem, listening to those in the actual environment and ascertaining the situation. At each step of the cycle, we should continually check the actual situation, confirm with our own eyes whether any issues have emerged, determine how to resolve them, and use this understanding to plan our next actions. We believe that no matter how sophisticated the knowledge or brilliant the theory we may have, its usefulness depends on how well we apply it based upon our firsthand understanding of the situation.

Spirit of Challenge

We strive to achieve our highest goals.

Striving towards ever-higher goals, we continuously create new value and seek new opportunities for growth, never contenting ourselves with the status quo and always taking on new challenges.

Having a "spirit of challenge" means setting goals that stretch our capabilities and encourage us to maximize our efforts. We take inspiration from the words of Taiyu Kobayashi, a former president of Fujitsu, who said, "Let's go ahead and do it." We endeavor to utilize our abilities and the abilities of our organization to achieve targets that at first seem beyond our reach.

While there are risks and difficulties in aiming for the highest goals, we persevere and strive for excellence without compromise. The accumulated wisdom earned through our efforts helps us overcome obstacles and acts as a driving force for our growth.

Speed and Agility

We act flexibly and promptly to achieve our objectives.

Business opportunities are created by grasping changes in the market, anticipating the future and taking action ahead of others. Even an excellent idea will lose its value if it is not exploited in a timely manner. Speed and agility create value.

Keeping in mind the value of time, we act quickly to achieve our goals. In our everyday work, while following correct procedures, we seek optimal processes to ensure efficiency. We are prepared to accept change and react quickly and flexibly. Our aim is to accelerate business execution throughout the organization.

Timely business execution further enhances customer satisfaction and is a force to create new business opportunities and strengthen the competitiveness of the Fujitsu Group.


We share common objectives across organizations, work as a team, and act as responsible members of the team.

Teamwork generates more effective and powerful results, enabling us to achieve higher goals.

As team members, we will understand and share objectives and milestones in order to reach each goal by the required completion date. We set our targets, track our progress and use our full abilities to meet our responsibilities and ensure the team achieves its objectives.

Teamwork is not limited to collaborating with other team members in our own division. It extends to collaborating with other divisions within the Fujitsu Group, and here team leaders play a particularly important role in promoting effective teamwork across organizational boundaries. By effective communication and cooperation with other divisions and by going beyond just considering the benefit to our own divisions, we promote the best interests of the Fujitsu Group.