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Fujitsu IP Call Partner

Nowadays many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the difficulties in managing communications equipment and associated cost. Separated voice and data network, various communication operations, like voice, fax, email, video and audio/video conferencing service all make enterprises difficult to control communication efficiency and operating expenses. Fujitsu ascertains the trend of communication technology and customer needs. Based on the long term experience and study, a new single communication platform was designed as a turnkey solution for nowadays enterprises.

Fujitsu IP Call Partner is an IP communication platform based on SIP opened standard. All functions and features are implemented on a high reliable server with LINUX operating system. The platform integrates Voice, Fax, Email, SMS and Audio & Video conference functions into a single platform. All means of communications can be handled easily and efficiently. In addition, Fujitsu Communication Manager, a web based user portal, brings smearless on-screen interactions supersede traditional telephony operations.

A single LAN network can both handle voice, data and video communications simultaneously. With the merits of broadband network, remote offices and extensions can easily be deployed via internet. Enterprises can enjoy efficient and reduce communication cost with the Fujitsu IP Call Partner.

Fujitsu IP Call Partner adopts scalable and flexible design. Enterprises can procure adequate hardware and application along with the business nature and growth. Additional functions can be joined to the running platform as needed.

With Fujitsu IP Call Partner, you can enjoy:

  • Cost effective communication
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Open standard adoption for better investment protection
  • Remote office and extension with uniform numbering plan
  • Improve productivity by integrating valued added service modules
  • Simple and powerful web based administration and maintenance portal
  • Support wide range of telephones and future devices