The Essential Hub for Smart Classroom

The Fujitsu Interactive Panel series is ideal for schools looking to leverage the latest technologies to present classroom material in an intuitive and visual manner. Compared to projector-based systems, the Fujitsu Interactive Panel offers unparalleled visual performance and fosters in-class collaboration by leveraging the full benefits of digital teaching and learning methods.


Benefits of Fujitsu Interactive Panel in Teaching

Benefits of Fujitsu Interactive Panel in Teaching

Natural writing experience as blackboard

Eye health protection with an eye-care display

Remote centralized devices management

One cable connection via a USB Type-C™ cable

20-point touch screens for more collaboration among students

Lower total cost of ownership with Fujitsu quality assurance and service

Drive operational efficiency with BYOD connectivity

Blended and hybrid learning ready

Customer Stories

Lam Tsuen Public Wong Fook Luen Memorial School

GT (Ellen Yeung) College

Seamless Teaching Practices in Modern Classroom

Pen Tip Detection Technology 

Automatically detect pen diameter and write simultaneously with different colours and thickness, making it ideal for lively classroom activities.

Video Annotation

Teachers can auto-pause and resume of video playback during and after annotation. They can then export the content for further discussion and annotation.

Multi-Window Content Sharing

4-way split screen allows teachers easily access and copy contents from different applications and windows for content sharing and collaboration.

Instant Sharing

Save annotations in the Panel local storage, share with QR code or even share to the cloud drive.   

Panel Design Essentials to Safeguard Your Eyes

The Panel is designed to prevent eyestrain and eye fatigue caused by spending too much time in front of a visual display.

Low Blue Light Mode

Flicker-free Display Technology

Anti-glare Display

Facilitate Teaching Flow with Friendly Design

Hassle-Free Management 

Optional Centralized Panel Management platform allows IT managers or verified admins to update, schedule, broadcast and manage multiple displays simultaneously from any location through a secure, user-friendly remote management system.

Instant Connection 

One cable connection for data, video and power with no preparation or technical skill required. Teachers simply plug-and-play for presentation, whiteboarding, and collaborative functionality using their own device via a USB Type-C™ cable.

Maximize Flexibility in Teaching through Open Sharing

Multiple Operating Systems Compatible 

The real-time mirroring feature supports different devices running various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. In addition, the Panel and your device can control or interact on Windows and macOS platform.

Multi-Device Capability and Wireless Mirroring

The Panel serves as a hub for content sharing across multiple devices wirelessly. It can simultaneously display screens of up to 32 different devices. Full classroom collaboration is encouraged via students sharing their work with fellow classmates in real time.

Multi-Panel Multi-Device Synchronisation

Multiple panels can be grouped together and synchronize their displays through wireless networking. Students can also mirror the panel’s content onto their own mobile devices.

Remote Learning

With the Panel, teachers can host the lesson in an ordinary way within the classroom and share the live status and teaching contents to remote students, which enhances the efficiency for both onsite and remote lesson.

Professional Support to Teacher and Campus IT Manager

Professional Team Support 

Follow up the entire procurement process closely to get the first follow-up and assistance

Skillful Training 

Series of training or tutorial workshop for product usage and application

Excellence After-sales Service 

Tailored to the exact needs and urgency, which assured prompt service and repairs when required

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