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Fujitsu PRIMERGY Server Underpins Businesses ICT Competitive Advantage

News facts: New FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Systems drive power and cooling economies in the datacenter; leap in workload performance even compared to the previous record-breaking generation; business proven quality of PRIMERGY servers results in rock-solid reliable operation and allows to benefit from favorable lifecycle costs

Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited

Hong Kong, September 11, 2013

Fujitsu today enables businesses to drive competitive advantage by delivering the efficiency and reliability they need while exponentially reducing the lion's share of datacenter costs – over 80 percent – that result from operating infrastructure and introducing new solutions. Businesses can shorten project times and increase the availability of applications and services, supported by Fujitsu's wide range of services and tools. The new generation of FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Systems joins a long line of world-record breakers, now achieving four new world records and best-in-class results including the areas of application performance and energy efficiency.

New breakthrough results have been achieved in energy efficiency (8.097 overall ssj_ops/watt1; 7.46 watts/kilo SAPS2), system performance3 as well as on the two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) standard application benchmark for two-socket servers (achieving 10.240 SAP SD Benchmark users4). Meeting a wide range of tomorrow's requirements while achieving a fast return-on-investment today, the new PRIMERGY servers deliver a further leap forward in performance per watt of up to 50 percent – even compared to the previous record-breaking generation.

A top priority of every business is keeping costs under control, but energy costs in the datacenter continue to rise. According to a report by Gartner, Inc., many datacenters are running out of power and cooling capacity, but still need to expand compute capacity. A key focus for organisations must include reducing the percentage of power used by datacenter cooling systems, since they can account for as much as 50 percent of the power consumed.5

The innovative Fujitsu Cool-safe Advanced Thermal Design is a new enhancement of the established Cool-safe concept that enables selected rack servers to run within a higher ambient temperature range. While Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers already support air intake temperatures of 35 °C, the new systems support ambient temperatures of up to 40 °C. This way the temperature in a data center can be increased safely by a few degrees. Fujitsu estimates that each additional degree can mean approximately 5 – 6 percent less energy costs for air-conditioning.

"Businesses urgently need technologies that increase power and cooling efficiencies, and with the new generation of Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Systems, we are continuing to set new standards in energy efficiency, making an important contribution to this." said Derek Yiu, General Manager, Solutions and Services Business at Fujitsu Hong Kong. The new PRIMERGY systems are designed to harness the reality facing businesses and their datacenters today. They exponentially increase application performance due to optimized interaction between storage, server and Input/Output operations (I/O), not to mention including the latest Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v2 product family, launched today by Intel. Added value is delivered throughout the lifecycle of datacenter systems with the global Fujitsu eco-system of tools, consultancy, logistics, software pre-deployment, hardware customization and comprehensive service offerings, resulting in lower costs for deployment and faster time to operation.

With Fujitsu's new PRIMERGY systems, customers are able to turn their technology into a competitive advantage due to:

•Enhanced Energy Optimization:
o Fujitsu Cool-safe Advanced Thermal Design allows customers to save energy and cooling costs while ensuring system availability even under extreme conditions.
o New power supply units with 80Plus Titanium (96 percent) energy-efficiency.

•Converged Performance:
The new generation of dual-socket PRIMERGY servers increases the performance of applications as a result of perfect interaction between storage, server and I/O.
o A state-of-the-art 22nm manufacturing process, up to 12 cores per socket and a larger cache (30MB LLC) allows up to 50 percent6 more performance.
o More expandability of main memory (up to 1536 GB) and enhanced speeds (up to 1,866 MHz) are achieved, in order to fulfill the requirements of solutions operating 'in-memory', such as SAP HANA.
o 12Gb/s Solid State Drives and 12Gb/s RAID controller with 2GB cache for performance boost of databases and Business Intelligence.
o Particularly for High-Performance Computing (HPC) related scenarios, two new types of accelerators will be available: NVIDIA's Tesla K-series (K20, K20X) GPGPU and the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor 5100/7100 series (ideal for seismic processing, biochemistry simulations, weather and climate modeling, signal processing, computational finance, Computer-aided Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, data analytics and other high performance computing areas). These are fully integrated within the FUJITSU Software HPC Cluster Suite, usable through HPC Gateway application workflows.

•Holistic Server Lifecycle Management:
PRIMERGY systems make ICT work more efficiently. Up to 55 percent savings7 on running costs and increased productivity enable organizations to redeploy scarce IT resources to value-creating tasks.
o Saves time and conserves valuable IT resources by simplifying remote management with the new, CIM-compliant, integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC S4).
o The iRMC S4 is based on its successful predecessor iRMC S3 and provides additional functionality such as HDD and RAID monitoring, Video Capturing and virtual media support for multiple CD/DVD, HDD or FDD images or physical drives.
o Deploys servers quickly, manages virtual or physical server health, and optimizes energy consumption with Fujitsu’s ServerView Suite, supported by the Intel Node Manager.

•Global Lifecycle Excellence:
Fujitsu's broad portfolio of services and tools provides the added benefit of reducing costs throughout the lifecycle, shortening project times and increasing the availability of applications and services. This represents up to 45 percent reduced roll-out cost in the implementation phase and up to 35 percent reduction on administration through Managed Services. Fujitsu ServerView Management has also been enhanced.

Further information on the new generation of PRIMERGY servers is available on:

Supporting quote

Thomas Strohe, Founder and Executive Officer, intergenia AG "The PRIMERGY Systems from Fujitsu exceed our expectations as regards energy efficiency, state-of-the-art technology, price and quality."

Uwe Neumeier, Vice President, Server Systems EMEA&I, Fujitsu Technology Solutions "Our many innovations are the result of a clear strategy to deliver the most efficient, best-performing server solutions in every class to meet the needs of our customers – from small to very large datacenters. The new benchmark world records reaffirm Fujitsu's role as a leader in server energy efficiency and performance. The new generation of FUJITSU PRIMERGY servers are making an important contribution to this, supplying up to 50 percent more performance in the same power envelope even compared to the previous record-breaking generation."

Pricing and availability

The new generation of FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Systems will be available through Fujitsu and its distribution partners from the beginning of October 2013. This includes the PRIMERGY TX tower servers for remote and branch offices, the versatile PRIMERGY RX rack-mount servers with leading efficiency and performance, the compact and scalable PRIMERGY BX blade systems providing infrastructure density and converged management, and the density-optimized PRIMERGY CX cloud server infrastructures providing more computing power in less space. Prices vary by model and configuration.

Notes to editors

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6. Internal measurement with LINPACK: PRIMERGY RX350 S7 featuring Intel Xeon processor E5-2690 achieves 363 GFLOPS while PRIMERGY RX350 S8 featuring Intel Xeon processor E5-2690 v2 archieves 546 GFLOPS.

7. Fujitsu customer reports show that by using Fujitsu ServerView management practices for virtualized and real server installations results in up to 55 per cent savings on running costs. (Case Study: ARA Assistance (278 KB)).

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