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Fujitsu Launches ScanSnap SV600: digitize entire books and newspapers with ease

"Versatile Imaging Technology" guarantees high quality scan image of bound books and A3-size documents

Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited

Hong Kong, September 02, 2013

Fujitsu, the leading ICT solutions and services provider, today released the SV600, a new member of the ScanSnap series, which delivers simple and speedy paper-to-PDF digitization in a compact design.

ScanSnap SV600

ScanSnap SV600 Compatible with Windows® (bundled software) / Mac OS (software schedule to be provided)

ScanSnap SV600 is a new document scanner which utilizes "Versatile Imaging Technology", (VI Technology) which is guaranteed to be user friendly and consistently maintains high image quality.

SV600 can scan large documents (up to A3) as well as bound books, without any reduction in document quality1 which upholds the ScanSnap series' reputation for crystal-clear scanned image data. Inheriting the "One Touch" feature introduced with previous ScanSnap models and equipped with "Book Image Correction"2, which is able to correct distortion caused by the curve of an opened book, as well as "Page Turning Detection", various media can be converted into digital data easily and conveniently. "We are proud to announce the launch of this brand new scanner, equipped with advanced technologies which make scanning A3-size documents, newspapers and books a breeze. ScanSnap SV600 offers a huge range of functions, making scanning for both home and business users easier than ever before. With this scanner, we are empowering people to digitize media that cannot be scanned easily until now. We will continue to evolve the ScanSnap series in line with customers' changing lifestyles," said Ms. Candy Wong, Assistant General Manager, Imaging Business, Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited.


1. Various documents can be digitized easily with the new VI Technology
VI Technology combines deep depth of field lens, high directivity LED lamp and CCD linear image sensor to minimize the unevenness in image quality during scanning and produce uniform document quality. With this technology, even large documents and bound books can be digitized easily.

(1) Able to scan newspapers or magazines of any size (up to A3 size3)
No more hassle to cut or fold documents such as newspapers, books and magazines, simply position the documents and they can be scanned directly without any extra effort. In addition, not only thick documents 4 such as books or greeting cards, but also documents with sticky notes can be scanned directly without any difficulty.

(2) Able to scan precious books or delicate documents easily
SV600 is able to scan without touching the surface, so there are no worries when scanning important documents such as precious books, photos, original copies of contracts, or documents that may be damaged by touching such as crayon or oil paintings.

2. All-in-one model to create and read your own digital books
SV600 is equipped with book image correction and page turning detection function 5 to assist in scanning books. It is also bundled with "Rack2-Filer Smart with Magic Desktop" which is usually bundled with deluxe models. SV600 is the all-in-one model to organize and read scanned image data like digital books.

(1) Book Image Correction – automatically corrects the distortion caused by the curve of an open book
SV600 is equipped with "Book Image Correction" to correct the distortion caused by the curve of an open book. Scanned images can be confirmed and fine-tuned on the preview dialog, thus image data of scanned magazines and books can be as sharp as scanned images of cut-sheet paper.

(2) Page Turning Detection – continuous page scanning becomes efficient
SV600 is equipped with "Page Turning Detection" to automatically detect when a page is turned during scanning. Users can digitize a book in just one touch without hassle.

(3) Easy Book Creation – converts image data to digital books with ease
The new feature of "Rack2-filer Smart", "Easy Book Creation", can automatically set the size of the display according to the size of the scanned book on the virtual bookshelf and create thumbnails using the scanned front and spine of the book. This function has been added to enhance the operation from scanning to digitalizing books in a simple manner.

3. Various functions to achieve simple, compact and speedy scanning

(1) Fast start up time and scanning speed
SV600 is ready to scan in 3 seconds after switching on the scanner. Furthermore, less than 3 seconds 6 are needed for scanning large A3 size documents. High-speed scanning equals stress-free scanning.

(2) Equipped with "Multiple Document Detection" that enables scanning and cropping multiple documents in one scan
With the "Multiple Document Detection" function, multiple documents can be automatically scanned and cropped in only one scan when positioning in the scan area. Users can save time and hassle by placing several business cards, related photos, memos etc. at once and let SV600 does the cropping intelligently.

(3) Bundled with a full line up of useful software
SV600 is bundled with "Adobe® Acrobat® Standard" for editing PDF files and "CardMinder" for managing business cards, which means users can use the scanner immediately after purchase.

The scanner is bundled with software for Windows® OS. Software for Mac OS (driver software, business card management software, OCR software)7 is scheduled to be available for download in autumn 2013.

List price and release date of SV600 will be announced in due course.


- ScanSnap, ScanSnap Manager, CardMinder, Rack2-filer Smart and Magic Desktop are either registered trademarks or trademarks of PFU Limited in Japan.

- Windows is either a registered trademark or trademark of US Microsoft Corporation in the United States, Japan and/or other countries.

- Mac OS is a trademark of Apple Inc.

- Adobe and Acrobat are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

- ABBYY and FineReader are trademarks of ABBYY.

- Other company names and product names are the registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.


(1) Due to the characteristics of the scanner, the image quality is different from the past ScanSnap series. Please confirm the image quality of SV600 from webpage before making a purchase.

(2) Technology developed together with Fujitsu R&D center (President: Mr. Shigeru Sasaki; Headquarters: Beijing, China).

(3) The maximum document size is 400×300mm for documents of thickness over 5mm.

(4) The maximum document thickness of any scanned document is 30mm.

(5) The scanning function using Timed Mode is equipped to scan documents continuously in set timed intervals.

(6) The time between actual start of scanning (scanning pad) and finish scanning.

(7) The software for Mac OS provided to SV600 users are ScanSnap Manager (Driver software), CardMinder (business card management software), and ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnapTM (OCR software).


Please note that your use of the electronic data generated by using this product may be restricted by certain intellectual property rules including, but not limited to, copyright laws and regulations in your jurisdiction and worldwide. Please comply with any and all laws and regulations applied to your use of this product and the generated data.

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