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Ubiquitous Solutions

In PCs, Fujitsu is enhancing functionality through smartphone compatibility, energy efficiency, and a fast boot-up feature, and driving the development of tablet PCs. We also have a product lineup in the Japanese market that capitalizes on high domestic standards of quality.
In mobile phones, along with conventional features phones, Fujitsu is developing smartphones and tablet devices under the new ARROWS STYLISTIC brands.

Our Strength

Fujitsu offers PCs of exceptional quality and high added value. Our notebook PCs are manufactured entirely by Shimane Fujitsu Limited, with operations that consolidate everything from design to manufacturing, assembly and customization in one location. Desktop PCs use components sourced from outside Japan, and are assembled and customized for Japan by Fujitsu Isotec Limited, and for other markets, mainly Europe, by Fujitsu Technology Solutions in Germany. We also offer lightweight, thin tablet PCs with high-spec, water- and dust-resistant features. In mobile phones and tablet PCs, we offer a diverse lineup of high-quality models with advanced functions, including smartphones with cutting-edge, highspeed CPUs, and the Raku-Raku Phone Series with easy-to-read displays, clear-sounding speakers, and intuitive functionality,as well as tablet PCs featuring large, full high-definition screens and large battery capacity.

Main Products & Services

Main Products / Services
PCs and mobile phones PCs, mobile phones
Mobilewear Navigation systems, mobile communication equipment.

Main Companies

Shimane Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu Isotec Limited
Fujitsu Mobile-phone Products Limited
Fujitsu Peripherals Limited

Fujitsu Personal System Limited
Fujitsu Technology Solutions (Holding) B.V.,

Three pictures; 1: The 'Floral Kiss' PC for women, developed by a female team based on the design concept of bringing elegance to PCs (LIFEBOOK CH55/J). 2: ARROWS NX F-06E smartphone brings together the latest high-spec capabilities. 3: STYLISTIC S01 Smartphone developed for the senior market in Europe.

Three pictures; 1: FMV ESPRIMO FH78/LD all-in-one PC with touch-panel Full HD liquid crystal display. 2: Xi-compatible F-08E Raku-Raku Smartphone 2 with expanded screen size.