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Technology Solutions

We provide corporate customers around the globe with IT-driven business solutions based on our advanced technology and high-quality system platforms and services.

Main Products & Services

Fujitsu provides solutions/system integration services focused on information system consulting and integration, and agile infrastructure services centered on outsourcing services (complete information system operation and management).

System Platforms
Fujitsu offers system products such as servers and storage systems which form the backbone of information systems, along with network products such as mobile phone base stations, optical transmission systems, and other communications infrastructures.

Our Strength

Fujitsu's services business holds the leading market share in Japan and the fourth-largest share worldwide. We provide services across a wide range of countries and regions, including Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania.
Outsourcing services are a key field for us, where through our network of approximately 100 datacenters in 16 countries worldwide, mainly in Japan and Europe, we meet a wide variety of customer needs. Among other benefits, our services make operation of customers' information and communication technology (ICT) systems easier, and help to make their operations greener.
Fujitsu's strengths lie in its global services structure, a wealth of experience in building large-scale, advanced systems, and the technological capabilities to support these operations. We use these capabilities to help diverse customers across countries, regions and languages in utilizing ICT systems, including for government organizations around the world and customers with a presence worldwide.

System Platforms
In system products, Fujitsu has a broad lineup of offerings to meet the needs of customers around the world. These include sophisticated and highly reliable mainframe and UNIX servers that support the backbone systems of corporations and that are equipped with proprietary CPUs—Fujitsu being one of the few global ICT companies with the technology to make its own processor chips. We also provide x86 servers for cloud computing and other promising business areas, as well as storage systems able to hold increasingly vast amounts of data.
In network products, Fujitsu holds a large market share for the optical transmission systems and mobile phone base stations used by mobile communications carriers in Japan, backed by its advanced technology and support capabilities. We also have the leading market share in the highly competitive North American market for optical transmission systems, building on our highly rated technical capabilities and track record.

Main Products / Services
  • System integration (system construction, business applications)
  • Consulting, front-end technologies (ATMs, POS systems, etc.)
Infrastructure Services
  • Outsourcing services (datacenters, ICT operation/management, SaaS, application operation/management, business process outsourcing, etc.)
  • Network services (business networks, distribution of Internet/mobile content)
  • System support services (maintenance and surveillance services for information systems and networks)
  • Security solutions (installation of information systems and networks)
Main Products / System Platforms
System Platforms
System Products
  • Full range of servers (mainframe, UNIX, mission-critical x86 and other x86 servers)
  • Storage systems
  • Various types of software (operating system, middleware)
Network Products
  • Network management systems
  • Optical transmission systems
  • Mobile phone base stations

Main Companies

Fujitsu Frontech Limited
Fujitsu Telecom Networks Limited
Fujitsu IT Products Ltd.
Fujitsu Broad Solution & Consulting Inc.
Fujitsu Marketing Limited
Fujitsu FIP Corporation

Fujitsu FSAS Inc.
PFU Limited
Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.
Fujitsu Services Holdings PLC
Fujitsu America, Inc.
Fujitsu Australia Limited
Fujitsu Technology Solutions (Holding) B.V.,

Two pictures; 1: New UNIX server SPARC M10-4S(*1). 2: Fujitsu Australia headquarters.

Three pictures; 1: Fujitsu Systems East Limited. 2: Fujitsu Systems West Limited. 3: ScanSnap iX500 document scanner for easily and rapidly scanning documents and business cards.

Three pictures; 1: BroadOne GX4000 Series radio system capable of high-capacity 3 Gbps transmission. 2: ETERNUS VX740 storage for virtual environments. 3: FUJITSU PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer.

(*1): SPARC M10: The SPARC M10 is marketed outside of Japan as the"Fujitsu M10."