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Multi-layer Convergence Solution


Evolving from existing SDH/SONET and WDM based network to IP based network in Metro Core Network as well as from 2G GSM mobile backhaul to 3G or beyond high speed mobile backhaul networks, a multi-layer traffic control will become more complicate and important for your value creation than before.
Fujitsu multi-layer convergence solutions with FLASHWAVE 9500 enable such a operators needs to continue using your current network equipment, protecting your new investment and reducing your maintenance costs.
The Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet Optical Networking Platform (Packet ONP) is a whole new class of optical networking system that meets the high expectations of the new, media-rich network world.
The FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP provides the modular, chassis-level fusion of connection-oriented Ethernet, ROADM and SONET transport technologies on a single addressable optical network class element. The FLASHWAVE 9500 platform delivers high-bandwidth, high-quality packet-based services in the multi-protocol packet environment.

Triple-Play Networks

The FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP features integrated ROADM transport. This offers bulk bandwidth delivery and high capacity packet aggregation, while eliminating several costly network elements.

Consolidated Core Metro/Regional Networking

The FLASHWAVE 9500 platform collapses complete ROADM and NGADM devices into a single network element with next-generation grooming capabilities. This provides more scalable support for a growing Ethernet infrastructure.

Consolidated Ethernet Services Networks

The FLASHWAVE 9500 Packet ONP allows service providers to consolidate their Ethernet services infrastructure by supporting the full range of E-LINE and E-LAN services as well as today's popular Ethernet-over-SONET services.

Wireless Backhaul

The FLASHWAVE 9500 system supports native TDM and so provides an ideal vehicle to manage latency-sensitive wireless applications regardless of access and transport technology.

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