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Fujitsu M10-4S

Fujitsu M10-4S
Flexible and scalable system that delivers high performance and high availability for mission-critical enterprise applications

The ultimate Oracle Solaris server. The world's leading reliability with scalability up to 2048 threads 64 TB of memory. This is the system to fully optimize your business processes.

  • The supreme performance in all commercial servers
  • Incomparable scalability with max. 2048 threads and 64 TB of memory
  • Smaller system for smaller workloads - the pay-as-you-grow server can slash both datacenter costs and initial investments
  • Server investment efficiency is maximized because Oracle VM for SPARC server allows full utilization of server resource
  • The new SPARC64™ X+, SPARC64™ X chip allows for exceptionally high processor and memory reliability
  • SPARC64™ X+, SPARC64™ X processor protects all application assets in former SPARC servers due to conformity to SPARC V9 architecture

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The ultimate Oracle Solaris server. The world's leading reliability with scalability up to 2048 threads 64 TB of memory. This is the system to fully optimize your business processes.


  • Increase in parallelism through rich computational resources within each processor
  • The highest 232 GBps bandwidth data transfer rate between boxes
  • Excels in performance scalability from 4 sockets in one 4U box to 64 sockets in 16 4U boxes linked together
  • Significant reductions in memory access time by integrating memory access controllers within the processor
  • Large reductions in I/O access time by integrating system controllers and PCI Express Bridges inside the processor

Green Performance

  • Best cost efficiency in high-end server due to smaller system for smaller workloads
  • Efficient liquid cooling of high dense CPU and memory
  • Liquid Loop Cooling targets hot spots to lower failure rates and reduce power consumption
  • Superior power supply efficiency of PSU with 80 PLUS Premium certified
  • Control power consumption easily by capping and real-time monitoring of power consumption
  • Integrate the power consumption of all server parts to holistically monitor overall power


  • Built-in, no-cost Physical Partitions, Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris Zones provide the flexibility and power of up to 256 virtual systems in a single physical partition of Fujitsu M10-4S server
  • Cost efficiencies are achieved through a high level of virtualization granularity, where one VM can be created per thread of CPU and memory resources can be shared between VMs
  • CPU resources can be bound to VM
  • Resource utilization can be changed dynamically
  • To eliminate any single point of failure, I/O domains can be made redundant

Eliminate Downtime

  • Hardware availability is fully assured through data protection and component redundancy
  • Error Checking and Correction (ECC) protection has been built into CPU to assure address and data bus traffic between LSI
  • Hardware-level memory patrol detects all memory errors
  • All major components including HDD, Power Supply Units and fans can be configured redundantly, and are hot-swappable
  • Total system redundancy, including server, storage and network using PRIMECLUSTER

Investment Protection

  • The combination of SPARC processor and Oracle Solaris OS provides certainly the protection of system assets and a mission critical service
  • Lowering operational costs including electricity and license charges can increase investment efficiency
  • Oracle Solaris with UNIX OS
  • Application binary compatibility, ensures applications will run without change or complication
  • SPARC64™ X+, SPARC64™ X and Oracle Solaris conform to the same SPARC V9 open processor architecture as all other SPARC processors and operating system versions. This provides the most stable roadmap into the future

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Model Name Fujitsu M10-4S
Single enclosure system Max. configuration
Features 4U server with max. 64 cores and 128 threads The highest-performance UNIX server with 1024 cores and 2048 threads
Processor quantity Max. 4 sockets Max. 64 sockets
Processor type SPARC64™ X+ / SPARC64™ X
Processor details 3.7GHz (SPARC64™ X+) / 3.0 GHz (SPARC64™ X), 16 cores per socket, 2 threads per core
L1 cache : 128KB per core
L2 cache : 24MB per socket
Memory capacity Max. 4TB Max. 64TB
Drive bays Hard disk drive / Solid state drive bays 8 disk bays for both HDD and SSD 128 disk bays for both HDD and SSD
Hard disk drives / Solid state drives HDD : 600 / 900GB
SSD : 400 GB
PCI slots 8 slots for PCI Express 3.0 (8 lanes) 128 slots for PCI Express 3.0 (8 lanes)
PCI Slots including I/O Expansion Units Max. 58 slots for PCI Express 3.0 (8 lanes)
Max. 5 units of I/O Expansion Units connectable
Max. 928 slots for PCI Express 3.0 (8 lanes)
Max. 80 units of I/O Expansion Units connectable
I/O ports onboard SAS 1 mini-SAS port per enclosure
Network 4 LAN ports (10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T ) per enclosure
USB One USB port on front side, one USB port on rear side per enclosure
Power supply configuration Hot plug, Redundant, Dual power supply as standard
Power consumption Max. 3,299 Watts (SPARC64™ X+) / Max. 2,779 Watts (SPARC64™ X) Max. 56,290 Watts (SPARC64™ X+) / Max. 47,970 Watts (SPARC64™ X)
Rated operating range AC 200-240V ±10%
Weight 60 kg 1,570 kg ( including two units of racks)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 440 x 810 x 175 (mm) Two units of racks
Each rack has 700 x 1,050 x 2,000 (mm)
Environmental requirements Temperature: 5 - 35℃
Humidity: 20 - 80%
Operating system Oracle Solaris 11.1 or later / Oracle Solaris 10 1/13
Redundant components Memory mirrored, HDD, SSD, Dual power supply, Power supply Unit, fan, Liquid cooling pump
How-swap components HDD, SSD, Power supply unit, Fan, PCI card, PCI box
Virtualization Oracle Solaris Zones
Oracle VM Server for SPARC
Physical Partitioning
Noise emission 74dB(SPARC64™ X+) / 64dB(SPARC64™ X)

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