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2013 Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity

The Fujitsu UNIX Server Fujitsu M10 was awarded the 2013 Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity. This award is in recognition of Fujitsu M10's energy-saving design that has been praised for contributing to the prevention of global warming.

Fugure 1

Photo 1

Left: Nobuteru Ishihara, Minister of the Environment, Ministry of the Environment
Right: Yoshikazu Kudoh, Corporate Executive Vice President, Fujitsu Limited

The Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity, commends individuals or groups who have demonstrated remarkable achievements in the prevention of global warming. Fujitsu's UNIX Server Fujitsu M10 received the prestigious award in the Field of Research and Development and Commercialization, at the ceremony held on December 4th.

Key Points in Achieving the Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity

Compared to Earlier Systems, Fujitsu significantly reduced electricity Consumption!

Compared to the previous-generation SPARC Enterprise, the UNIX server Fujitsu M10 can dramatically reduce electricity consumption during operation. When using the same number of cores, the M10 can reduce electricity consumption by 67% and occupies 93% less space than the SPARC Enterprise.

Figure 2

Furthermore, if a system operating on SPARC Enterprise is migrated to Fujitsu M10, virtual consolidation can be used to merge five devices into one, this thereby reduces electricity consumption by 68%.

Figure 3

An Eco-Friendly UNIX Server, Fujitsu M10

Cutting-edge Technology Realizing Eco-Friendly Results

Fujitsu M10 uses Liquid Loop Cooling to advance the hybrid cooling technology first cultivated in super computer development. In order to create high-performance cooling to support the overwhelming speed of the calculation function, Fujitsu designed a new cooling technology that combines the advantages of conventional liquid cooling (high efficiency) and air cooling (maintenance free and does not require exclusive equipment). The advanced technology has been quickly recognized for being a step beyond what other companies have achieved in this area.
By using Liquid Loop Cooling, Fujitsu was able to further reduce electricity consumption by eliminating approximately 50% of fan usage within the Fujitsu M10 system compared to SPARC Enterprise.

Lean more: Hybrid cooling technology - Liquid Loop Cooling (LLC)

Figure 4

Eco Functions Shine During Server Operation

Fujitsu M10 has the ability to set an upper limit on the server to manage electricity usage. This method of controlling server electricity can create a highly efficient environment, which becomes particularly important in situations where great caution is taken regarding power use such as data centers (Power Capping function). The server also contains a function that encourages energy-saving by cutting any power that is meaninglessly consumed by hardware with low operating rates (Power Saving function).

Figure 5

During operation Fujitsu M10's power monitor function and air flow indicator can routinely check how much power is actually being consumed and what amount of exhaust is produced. This helps to visualize the total power consumed and what level of exhaust is being expelled by the systems, following which air conditioning and power sources in the server room can be managed appropriately.

Development of the Ecologically Friendly Design

Figure 6

Fujitsu M10's power supply unit, developed by Fujitsu, achieves high conversion efficiency from AC to DC.
Fujitsu M10 has acquired the following certifications in the 80PLUS® program.

  • Fujitsu M10-1 power supply unit: 80PLUS GOLD (Conversion efficiency: 92% / When load factor is 50%)
  • Fujitsu M10-4/M10-4S power supply unit: 80PLUS PLATINUM (Conversion efficiency: 94% / When load factor is 50%)

80 PLUS Certified Power Supplies and Manufacturers

Fujitsu M10-4/M10-4S has a water-based coating on the plastic chassis, this is the first of its kind and was developed by the Fujitsu Group. In comparison to conventional solvent coatings, the water-based coating reduces the amount of oil used by 54%, and reduces volatile organic compounds by 80%.

Press Release: Fujitsu Pioneers Industry's First Use of Water-Based Paint for Plastic Chassis ICT

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