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Fujitsu Signs IP License Agreements for Green Technologies with Kyushu University and University of the Ryukyus

Aims to achieve SDGs by concluding IP licensing agreements through Japan's first corporate WIPO GREEN activities

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 13, 2018

Fujitsu today announced that it has concluded intellectual property (IP) licensing agreements for its technology that visualizes regional characteristics and its technology relating to species identification and population prediction, with Kyushu University and University of the Ryukyus, respectively. Both of these technologies are registered in the WIPO GREEN database, operated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Kyushu University will utilize Fujitsu's technology for visualizing regional characteristics. This technology calculates and displays the value of a local region based on factors such as "natural capital," including forests and farms, visualizing the characteristics of the region. The university expects the technology to be useful in setting policies to resolve issues in local regions and in promoting regional revitalization. University of the Ryukyus will utilize Fujitsu's technology relating to species identification and population prediction in setting plans for preserving biodiversity, contributing to enhance the effectiveness of the local governments' regional biodiversity strategies.

By using Fujitsu's environmental technologies, Kyushu University and University of the Ryukyus will spread these technologies more broadly throughout society, contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.


In order to achieve the SDGs, Fujitsu believes it is important to not only utilize the environmental technologies it owns itself, but also promote them more broadly through society through collaboration with many other players.

In light of this belief, Fujitsu joined WIPO GREEN, which is a matching system for the transfer of environmental technology and services, as a partner in September 2017, and has since registered over 200 intellectual property assets related to environmental technology in the WIPO GREEN database.

Through the activities of WIPO GREEN, Fujitsu will accelerate the spread of environmental technology and contribute to the achievement of SDGs, resolving social problems as various players use the company's environmental technologies.

Summary of WIPO GREEN

WIPO GREEN is a platform and global network for promoting the spread of, and innovation in, technology in environment-related fields by connecting providers of such technology and services with users seeking groundbreaking solutions. Since beginning operations in 2013, over 3,100 environmental technologies and requests from over 100 countries have been registered in the database, with over 6,000 individuals and organizations from over 170 countries around the world participating in the WIPO GREEN network.

About the Licensed Environmental Technologies

Fujitsu has concluded IP license agreements with Kyushu University and University of the Ryukyus for the following environmental technologies, registered in the WIPO GREEN database. Fujitsu will also be providing technical support going forward.

Through these IP licenses, Fujitsu is contributing to the achievement of Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and Goal 15 (Life on Land) of the SDGs from the perspective of preserving natural capital and biodiversity.

1. Technology to visualize regional characteristics (IP license agreement with Kyushu University)

This technology, relating to the EvaCva-sustainable information sharing and analysis web app, was developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. It uses open data to compute index values, particularly the natural capital, human capital, and produced capital of all of Japan's 47 prefectures and 1,742 municipalities, as well as the Inclusive Wealth Index(1) derived therefrom, enabling the visualization and analysis of the unique characteristics of each local government region.

2. Technology for species identification, population prediction (IP license with University of the Ryukyus)

In order to support biodiversity conservation, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a smartphone application to implement a technology to predict the population of an organism from information such as maps of plant growth, topographical maps, and weather information, as well as a technology that combines a database of biogeographical information and a database of species characteristics(2). As a result, the company can identify species from the characteristics of organisms, and create databases of species identification information in the cloud.

Comment from Shunsuke Managi, Distinguished Professor of Technology and Policy & Director of the Urban Institute at Kyushu University

I am currently investigating the possible goals of local governments in achieving the UN’s SDGs, and how they should measure indicators. The database system of the EvaCva-sustainable information sharing and analysis web app, which has successfully converted information such as the natural capital of all of Japan’s local government areas into data, is very useful in this effort. I hope that the further development of this technology will be useful in promoting the inclusive growth that is so important to the UN’s SDGs at the local government level.

Comment from Yasuhiro Kubota, Professor of Biodiversity & Conservation Biogeography, Faculty of Science, University of the Ryukyus

Local natural environments are the mission-critical infrastructure of local societies. Accordingly, preserving local biodiversity and passing it on to the next generation is directly connected with the sustainable development of the local society. At University of the Ryukyus, we will utilize these technologies relating to species identification and population prediction as basic tools for biodiversity monitoring and environmental education. At the same time, by using applications to collect biodiversity information, the university will contribute to the creation of conservation plans to achieve the biodiversity requirements in the Aichi Targets and enhance the effectiveness of the local governments' regional biodiversity strategies.

Comment from Minelik Alemu Getahun, Assistant Director General, Global Issues Sector, World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO GREEN commends Fujitsu for underlining its commitment to green technology diffusion. We look forward to many fruitful collaborations.

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  • [1] Inclusive Wealth Index

    An index that can evaluate the sustainability of modern economies, showing the monetary value of the wealth owned by a local society. The computation method was developed by the Urban Institute at Kyushu University.

  • [2] A database of biogeographical information and a database of species characteristics

    A database consolidating the results of research by University of the Ryukyus, including survey results that links the organisms in each division of a latitude-longitude mesh with their frequency of occurrence in that division, and a database that examines the characteristics of species.

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Date: 13 September, 2018
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited