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Fujitsu Launches New ETERNUS Storage System Models Offering 30% Improved Processing Performance

Updates to four models including all-flash arrays and hybrid storage, supporting customers' digital transformations

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, November 06, 2017

Fujitsu today announced the launch of four models in its ETERNUS lineup, with two models in its Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS AF series, the second generation of its all-flash arrays using SSDs(1) for the data storage medium, and two mid-range models in its Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX series of hybrid storage systems, which can incorporate both HDDs and SSDs. The four new models launch today in Japan, and will be rolling out sequentially around the world, beginning in Asia.

The new models not only have significantly improved CPU usage efficiency, using Fujitsu's proprietary technology to optimize data processing across the entire system, but also can incorporate up to four times as much memory as previous models(2), as well as newly offering support for a 32 Gbps fiber channel interface, twice the bandwidth of the previous models. This has improved data processing performance by about 30% compared to previous models.

Fujitsu is offering storage systems which feature high processing and operational performance, optimal for a wide range of applications, especially AI and IoT systems, to support a customer's digital transformation.


As the utilization of technologies-such as AI and IoT-that accelerate digital transformation reaches full scale, the volumes of data handled by systems are continuing to further increase. While companies are aiming to create new businesses in the field of systems of engagement (SoE), there is a need to support their own system platforms that support that field. In particular, as storage platforms play a central role in processing large volumes of data, there is a demand for greater processing and operational performance, and the question of ensuring stable operation of storage platforms has become a significant issue for system managers.

In light of these issues, Fujitsu has launched new models in its ETERNUS AF and ETERNUS DX series, which offer high processing and operational performance, supporting customers' digital transformation.

In combination with the already available Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS SF series of storage management software, these new models provide improved efficiency and a reduced operations burden, further improving storage usage efficiency and enabling the addition of data protection functionality, such as high-speed backups and disaster recovery.

Major Features of the New Models

1. Processing performance improvement of about 30% more than previous models through methods such as improved CPU utilization efficiency

These new models not only feature significantly improved CPU utilization efficiency, using Fujitsu's proprietary technology to optimize data processing across the entire system, they can also be equipped with up to four times the memory capacity of previous models, and support a 32 Gbps fiber channel interface with two times the bandwidth, offering about 30% better data processing performance than previous models for representative customer system applications, such as database and server virtualization or client virtualization. With this improved performance, the large volumes of data handled in business can be processed in shorter time frames, supporting rapid decision-making for customers and the timely provision of products and services.

2. Enhanced operational performance through the inclusion of functionality enabling data migration without stopping business systems

Because the new models incorporate non-disruptive storage migration(3) functionality for migrating data from existing storage systems without stopping business systems, storage can be switched over while continuing to provide services. This functionality supports 24/7/365 system operation for customers, providing data migration while minimizing the impact on customer operations.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Product Name Major Specifications
Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS
AF250 S2 All Flash Array
System memory
Number of drives
Physical capacity
Up to 737TB
Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS
AF650 S2 All Flash Array
System memory
Number of drives
Physical capacity
Up to 2,949TB
Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS
DX500 S4 Hybrid Storage System
System memory
Number of drives
Physical capacity
Up to 256GB
Up to 5,280TB
Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS
DX600 S4 Hybrid Storage System
System memory
Number of drives
Physical capacity
Up to 512GB
Up to 10,560TB

The all-new range of ETERNUS All-Flash Arrays and ETERNUS Hybrid Storage Systems are available worldwide from Fujitsu and via distribution partners. Prices vary by region, model and configuration.

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  • [1] SSDs

    Solid state drive. Drives using flash memory, a semiconductor-based memory element.

  • [2] Previous models

    Compared to the ETERNUS AF250, ETERNUS AF650, ETERNUS DX500 S3 and the ETERNUS DX600 S3 models.

  • [3] Non-disruptive storage migration

    This functionality is supported by firmware V10L80 and later versions in the ETERNUS AF series and ETERNUS DX series.

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Date: 06 November, 2017
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited