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Fujitsu Introduces Ten New "UBIQUITOUSWARE" Products, Accelerating the Digitalization of Customers' Operations

Currently supporting field trials at 14 companies across 10 industries with the UBIQUITOUSWARE Pilot Pack

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, January 20, 2016

Fujitsu today announced ten new products in its FUJITSU IoT Solution UBIQUITOUSWARE line, to accelerate the digitalization of its customers' operations. The new products will be steadily rolled out in Japan beginning January 20, 2016.

UBIQUITOUSWARE gathers and analyzes a range of human-centric data using advanced sensing technology, and can provide the high-value information that customers want, so it can immediately be put to use in the field. The UBIQUITOUSWARE Sensor Algorithm, which precisely detects the behavior and status of people and things, has been refined through repeated testing inside and outside Fujitsu to ensure precision. In addition, UBIQUITOUSWARE Core Modules, which incorporate a variety of sensors, can be embedded into customer products and services.

Devices such as location badges/tags and vital sign sensing bands are available to meet the varied usage scenarios of different customers, creating a comprehensive service that ranges from embedded applications and products to their operation and support. Fujitsu also offers the UBIQUITOUSWARE Pilot Pack, a set of devices and applications that can be field tested prior to IoT deployments, in order to fully support customers' field trials.

Fujitsu will use the Pilot Pack to conduct testing together with customers and partners in a wide range of industries, building a co-creation model.


Fujitsu uses its mainstay FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc to realize the digital innovation of its customers. Fujitsu uses cutting-edge technologies to support connections between people, things, and infrastructure across the traditional boundaries of companies and industries, and contributes to its customers' creation of new value and enhanced competitiveness.

With regard to the IoT, Fujitsu aims to use the massive amounts of data that surround people and to help make life better through the use of advanced technologies. Fujitsu provides one-stop solutions with everything from sensing devices in the front end to networking and platforms in the back end. UBIQUITOUSWARE serves as the front end, using cutting-edge technologies, created through the development of smart devices, to support customer IoT deployments.

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Fujitsu is expanding the UBIQUITOUSWARE lineup by building on the FUJITSU IoT Solution UBIQUITOUSWARE Head Mounted Display, the wearable device for enterprises which was released in May 2015.

UBIQUITOUSWARE provides on-site data collection and analysis functionality in the form of the Sensor Algorithm. Fujitsu collects and analyzes sensor data and provides it in a form the customer needs, which eliminates the necessity for the customer to design and develop algorithms or test them for correctness, so they can put the data to work immediately. Also, as part of the analysis is performed inside the Core Modules, not all sensor data needs to be transmitted to the cloud, streamlining data communications.

Furthermore, the proprietary algorithms that Fujitsu has created through the development of smart devices have been repeatedly tested inside and outside the company to ensure their precision. Fujitsu is collaborating with third-party specialists, such as The Ohara Memorial Institute for Science of Labour, with whom it jointly studied heat-stress estimations.

1. Sensor Algorithm brings together existing sensor and AI technologies

The Sensor Algorithm, employing over 60 different proprietary algorithms, is software that utilizes Fujitsu's Zinrai artificial intelligence technology. It analyzes data collected from sensors, and can convert that into the form needed in line with a customer's applications using the respective algorithms.

Sensor Algorithms include motion algorithms that analyze movement data, such as a person rolling over or falling and a pet's walking balance; vital algorithms that analyze vital-sign data, including a person's heat stress; a locational algorithm to acquire information on positioning, both in and outdoors; and a sonic algorithm to analyze sound data, such as talking, lifestyle noises, coughing, and other sounds.

Moreover, by linking to the FUJITSU Cloud Service IoT Platform, it is possible to optimally process the data gained from an enormous volume of sensors.

2. The Core Module and Core Module Development Kit can be embedded in customer products

The Core Module incorporates a set of sensors including accelerometer, barometer, geo-magnetometer, gyroscope, and microphone, as well as a microcomputer for data analysis and Bluetooth Low Energy(1). Customers can add a heart-rate monitor or GPS receiver as needed, and the Sensor Algorithm converts the sensor readings to useful data. To help customers embed the Core Module into their products and services, Fujitsu also offers the UBIQUITOUSWARE Core Module Development Kit.

3. UBIQUITOUSWARE Vital Sign Sensing Band helps provide a safer working environment and more efficient task performance

This can be used to remotely track the wearer's status, including heart rate, human body and thermal environment index, location, and whether the wearer has fallen. This makes it possible to monitor the degree of risk for illness caused by heat stress, or quickly alert a supervisor to a user's fall.

Vital-Sign Sensing BandVital-Sign Sensing Band

4. UBIQUITOUSWARE Location Badges/Tags, with two ways to monitor location

  1. For wide-area location tracking, "pedestrian dead reckoning" can be used to track the paths of people and things using fewer beacons, in order to monitor their positions over a wide area.
  2. For highly accurate real-time positioning, locators can be installed that can track location with a margin of error as small as 30 cm and a delay of only one second. This supports highly accurate indoor location tracking.

In addition, a function can be assigned to the button on Location Badges, so, for instance, a wearer could notify coworkers of their current location in order to receive support.

Location TagLocation Tag

Location BadgeLocation Badge

5. UBIQUITOUSWARE Remote Monitoring Station relies on sound to safeguard the wellbeing of the elderly and those in care

By analyzing sounds in the home, it is possible to get a grasp of a person's condition while preserving a measure of their privacy. Sounds such as speech or coughs, human presence, via motion detectors, and room temperatures and humidity levels can all be monitored. In emergencies, the person can press the emergency button for hands-free communications with a call center.

Remote Monitoring StationRemote Monitoring Station

6. UBIQUITOUSWARE Wandant Charm/Station keep an eye on one’s pet while out, and monitor the pet’s health

The Wandant Charm records changes in a dog's daily activities, such as number of steps, amount of exercise, and occurrence of shivers(2), and measures balance deviations when the pet walks, which can be used as a pet healthcare service. The Wandant Station takes photographs of conditions inside the pet's room, monitors changes in the environment with temperature and humidity sensors, and can send an alarm when it detects anything abnormal.

Wandant Station/CharmWandant Station/Charm

7. Pilot Pack, to deploy and test UBIQUITOUSWARE

To enable customers to test what data and results they will attain in their operations by deploying UBIQUITOUSWARE, Fujitsu provides all necessary equipment and materials (such as devices and visualization applications) on a rental basis for field testing. In addition, Fujitsu engineers help with data visualization and answer questions.

Pilot Pack Preliminary Field Trial Examples

1. Care service for the visually impaired: Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC)

A key concept for CTC is "human services for empowerment." One part of this is putting UBIQUITOUSWARE to use in spotlighting support for the visually impaired, particularly to help them get out and be active in society. CTC aims to support safer and more secure lifestyles, by making a care service with functions that notify users of dangers and positioning, and that allows families and communities to understand the user's current location. The Pilot Pack trial will test the concept and technology for a service that helps people to get out and about.

2. Flow line analysis for people and things in manufacturing (internal implementation): Fujitsu Peripherals Limited

Using UBIQUITOUSWARE Location Badges, equipped with highly accurate indoor positioning technologies, and the FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution VPS GP4 (Global Protocol for Manufacturing), a solution for simulating the movements of line workers, the simulated movements of people, materials, and equipment are compared and analyzed to identify work inefficiencies and verify efficiency improvements in operations.

Fujitsu is currently using the Pilot Pack to perform verification testing on health management in factories, locational data of employees, and detection of people falling with 14 customers across ten industries, including information and communications, chemicals, transport equipment, public and local authorities, construction and railroads.

List of Offerings

List of Offerings
Number Product Availability
1 UBIQUITOUSWARE Sensor Algorithm Starting late February 2016
2 UBIQUITOUSWARE Core Module Starting late February 2016
3 UBIQUITOUSWARE Core Module Development Kit Starting late February 2016
4 UBIQUITOUSWARE Vital Sign Sensing Band Starting late February 2016
5 UBIQUITOUSWARE Location Badge Starting late February 2016
6 UBIQUITOUSWARE Location Tag Starting late February 2016
7 UBIQUITOUSWARE Remote Monitoring Station Starting early March 2016
8 UBIQUITOUSWARE Wandant Station Starting early March 2016
9 UBIQUITOUSWARE Wandant Charm Starting early March 2016
10 UBIQUITOUSWARE Pilot Pack Starting January 20, 2016

Sales outside Japan

Fujitsu plans to make UBIQUITOUSWARE solutions available outside of Japan.

For More Information

  • [1] Bluetooth Low Energy

    A Bluetooth specification for short-range wireless communications.

  • [2] Occurrence of shivers

    A measure of animal shaking, which occurs when anxious.

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