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Fujitsu Announces Group Environmental Protection Program, Stage VI

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, April 15, 2010

Fujitsu today announced its Group Environmental Protection Program, Stage VI, which sets new goals for fiscal 2010 through fiscal 2012 (April 1, 2010 – March 31, 2013).

As a stepping-stone towards achieving Green Policy 2020(1), the Group's medium-term environmental vision that extends through 2020, the new program sets forth specific goals in 18 areas from the vision's standpoints of benefiting customers and society, pursuing internal reforms, and preserving biodiversity.

These goals include promoting research and development to improve the efficiency of ICT products and lower the environmental footprint by applying ICT services and solutions, reducing total absolute greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing to 6% below fiscal 1990 levels by the end of fiscal 2012 globally based on the scientific knowledge for 2020, and establishing numerical indicators to measure businesses' impact on and contribution to biodiversity.

In recent years, environmental issues facing businesses, such as climate change and the preservation of biodiversity, have been changing dramatically. An international goal of cutting greenhouse gases by at least half by 2050 has been proposed along with international targets relating to biodiversity for 2050. Amid these movements, long-range planning of environmental initiatives is becoming an increasingly important part for businesses. To help society and businesses achieve their global environmental targets, the Fujitsu Group believes it is crucial to deliver advanced and innovative green ICT, as well as to step up efforts to decrease the environmental footprint of the Group's own business activities globally.

Under these conditions, the Fujitsu Group has applied backcasting approach for the planning of its sixth environmental protection program by designing the path to realize the Group's medium-term environmental vision, Green Policy 2020. The company has categorized 18 specific goals into six categories. The two new categories are "Strengthening Advanced Green ICT R&D" and "Promoting Efforts to Preserve Biodiversity." These supplement the company's existing categories of "Improving the Environmental Value of Products and Services and Enhancing the Development and Delivery of Green ICT," "Enhancing Efforts to Reduce the Fujitsu Group's Environmental Footprint," "Strengthening Environmental Governance," and "Promoting Environmental Contributions to Society."

With these new goals, the Fujitsu Group will pursue environmental initiatives more vigorously and on a global level.

Key features of the Fujitsu Group Environmental Protection Program, Stage VI

1. Strengthening advanced green ICT R&D
The Group will work to strengthen R&D for innovative green technology that can help bring about a low-carbon society. Specifically, Fujitsu is developing technologies that will more than double the overall efficiency of ICT products to be used in next-generation datacenters, networking, and other areas. More than 35% of new technologies developed will be solutions for reducing the burden on the environment. By setting numerical targets in the area of R&D, the Group will accelerate the application of advanced green ICT R&D and technologies to products and solutions.

2. Improving the environmental value of products and services, and enhancing the development and delivery of green ICT
The Green Policy Innovation(2) project, which was established to help customers and society reduce their environmental footprint through the use of green ICT, seeks to cut CO2 emissions by a total of more than 15 million metric tons between fiscal 2009 and fiscal 2012 (April 1, 2009 – March 31, 2013).

To achieve this goal, Fujitsu will increase the percentage of its "Super Green" products, which are designed to meet stricter environmental standards, to over 30% of its newly developed products. Fujitsu will strengthen its offering of products with superior environmental performance in terms of both energy and resource use. In addition, environmental solutions will be pursued in all fields, including industry, transport, business, households, and energy conversion sectors. These solutions will be offered more widely in major regions where Fujitsu does business, including Japan, Europe, Americas, and Asia/Pacific, to help customers and societies worldwide to reduce their environmental footprints.

3. Enhancing efforts to reduce the Fujitsu Group's environmental footprint
The Fujitsu Group will continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions based on scientific knowledge, such as that from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The aim is to cut the Group's own global emissions associated with manufacturing to 6% below fiscal 1990 levels by the end of fiscal 2012. Part of this plan involves setting new goals for the Group's use of renewable energy sources and expanding their deployment. Additionally, the Group will promote procurement from business partners that make efforts to limit or reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the Group will bring other aspects of greenhouse gas emission into consideration, such as employee commutes and travel, and will make an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout its business activities, including its supply chain.

4. Strengthening environmental governance
The Fujitsu Group plans to improve its environmental performance through its globally integrated environmental management system, and also by encouraging every internal organization and employee to consider the environment in everything they do. The Group will also promote additional ICT deployments as a means to environmental management, and will build smart environmental management systems. In addition, actively communicating with other environmental stakeholders and receiving feedback will enable the Group to continuously strengthen its environmental management system.

5. Promoting environmental contributions to society
By the end of fiscal 2010 (March 31, 2011), the Fujitsu Group plans to launch its Act-Local-System, which will share information globally about social contribution efforts taking place at various locations around the world. This system will enable offices to share information on their activities as a way of encouraging projects to spread horizontally, so that actions can be more readily adapted to suit the needs of each local community. Fujitsu Group will also work in collaboration with NPOs, NGOs, and other organizations.

6. Efforts to preserve biodiversity
To reduce the impact that its operations have on biodiversity and to encourage the potential that ICT has to support biodiversity, Fujitsu Group will create indicators for measuring the complex factors that affect biodiversity. Utilizing the indicators, the company aims to build system to reduce the impact of its business operations on biodiversity and enhance the ICT potential in supporting biodiversity preservation. The company will also promote procurement from business partners that are involved in biodiversity preservation efforts. Furthermore, the Group will develop a number of case studies at its major offices that use ICT to help preserve biodiversity, thereby contributing to the creation of a society that supports biodiversity.

The Fujitsu Group as a whole, including every organization and individual within it, will work to achieve the goals laid out in the Fujitsu Group Environmental Protection Program, Stage VI. Through this program, Fujitsu hopes to bring forth innovative green ICT technologies, products, and services, which it will actively use internally, thereby helping customers to continually raise the bar on environmental management.

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  • [1] Green Policy 2020

    The Fujitsu Group's medium-term vision regarding its role and philosophy for addressing global environmental issues, including targets for the year 2020. Issued in July 2008, it sets forth goals under three themes of benefiting customers and society, pursuing internal reforms, and preserving biodiversity.

  • [2] Green Policy Innovation

    The Fujitsu Group's Green ICT project to support customers and society in reducing their environmental load. This project uses the environmental technology and know-how possessed by the Group to provide Green ICT, with the aim of achieving a cumulative reduction in worldwide CO2 emissions of more than 15 million tons over the four-year period from fiscal 2009 through fiscal 2012.

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