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Notice Regarding the Erroneous Posting of Results Announcement Materials Prior to Scheduled Disclosure

August 03, 2015

Tokyo, August 3, 2015 - With regard to the erroneous posting of Fujitsu Limited's "FY 2015 First Quarter Financial Results" to the Company's public website prior to the scheduled time of disclosure, Fujitsu deeply apologizes for the trouble caused to all shareholders and investors.

The Company has already put in place measures to prevent recurrence. Moving forward, Fujitsu will work to further its awareness of the importance of providing corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner, and will endeavor to recover trust.

  1. Posted materials

    "FY 2015 First Quarter Financial Results"

  2. Time frame of the posting prior to scheduled disclosure

    9:55 AM to 11:04 AM

  3. Cause of the problem

    Insufficient confirmation in the preparation stage of posting to the Fujitsu Limited website