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Fujitsu's Status and Response to Tohoku Earthquake in Japan

April 20, 2011

The following is an outline of the Fujitsu Group's status and its activities to date.

1. Production Plants

All seven of the Fujitsu Group's production plants that were affected directly by the disaster have resumed regular operations at 100% production capacity as of today.

As a result of the earthquake which hit eastern Japan on March 11, 2011, and the aftershocks which followed on April 7 and 11, five plants of the Fujitsu Semiconductor Group, a Fujitsu subsidiary manufacturing semiconductors, sustained damages to their facilities. However, operations at both the Iwate plant of Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (Iwasa-gun, Kanegasaki-cho, Iwate Prefecture) and Fujitsu Semiconductor Technology Limited (Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture) have resumed as of April 18 and today respectively. Hence, all affected Fujitsu Semiconductor Group plants based in the Tohoku region have fully resumed regular operations.

A portion of the production line of desktop PCs was transferred temporarily from Fujitsu Isotec Limited (Date-shi, Fukushima Prefecture), a Fujitsu subsidiary manufacturing PC servers and desktop PCs, to Fujitsu Shimane Limited (Hikawa-gun, Shimane Prefecture). As of April 18, desktop PC production has been transferred back to Fujitsu Isotec and hence, Fujitsu Isotec has resumed regular operations.

As well, the Furudono plant of Fujitsu Telecom Networks Limited (Furudono-machi, Ishikawa-gun, Fukushima Prefecture), a Fujitsu subsidiary manufacturing power supply equipment, has resumed operations since March 22.

2. Employees

Fujitsu has confirmed the status of all our Group employees. However, sadly, one employee lost his life as a result of the disaster. We offer our deepest condolences to our fallen colleague and his family.

3. Relief Efforts

In addition to our local customer engineers, Fujitsu has dispatched support teams to locations such as local governments, hospitals, as well as financial institutions, to focus on the recovery efforts of the social infrastructure.

Fujitsu is also providing a variety of cloud services free-of-charge to those companies and local governments involved in recovery efforts. 12 different types of programs are being offered at no cost for a period of three months. By delivering infrastructure services including servers and storage, as well as SaaS-based applications such as SNS, e-mail, web conferencing, e-learning, Fujitsu is helping to confirm the safety of people, assess damages, collect information on daily living conditions, and secure the availability of e-mail.

As well, Fujitsu is offering its SaaS-based solution, CRMate, which is capable of quickly collecting and managing information, free-of-charge for one year (until the end of fiscal 2011).

Fujitsu is also providing a repair service for its damaged equipment at a special rate.

The Fujitsu Group has sent dry-cell batteries, flashlights, as well as compact hybrid power-generating units capable of securing electricity to charge mobile phones and power light posts to disaster-stricken areas. As well, the Group has provided PCs and collaborated in establishing an environment for Internet accessibility within the evacuation centers.

The Fujitsu Group has raised over 200 million yen in donations towards relief aid.

4. Regarding the Power Shortages in the Tohoku and Kanto Regions of Japan

The Fujitsu Group has established a committee dedicated to implementing policies to conserve power. The committee is working to cut power usage by 25% through countermeasures such as enforcing power saving, installing in-house power generators, reevaluating employee working hours, as well as relocating servers.

One month has passed since this tragedy, and although conditions remain severe in the disaster-stricken areas, the Fujitsu Group will continue to do its utmost in restoring the social infrastructure of the affected regions and support the creation of a new and stronger Japan through the use of ICT.

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