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Using Cutting-edge AI and IoT to Take on the Challenge of Digital Transformation Together with Customers: Fujitsu Forum 2018 Event Report
Success Zone

Fujitsu Forum 2018 was held from May 17–18, 2018 at the Tokyo International Forum in Japan. This year's theme was "Human Centric Innovation: Co-creation for Success." At the forum, Fujitsu introduced outcomes and success factors achieved through co-creation with customers and strategic partners by hosting a variety of seminars, exhibitions and demonstrations to showcase cutting-edge technologies. 

The exhibition hall was divided into the "Success Zone" and the "Technology Zone." This report describes the highlights of the exhibitions in the Success Zone. In this zone, Fujitsu set up about 70 exhibition booths under the themes of manufacturing, finance, retail, logistics, sports, work style innovation, security, and the SDGs. In addition to processes and outcomes aiming toward transformation that Fujitsu has worked on with customers and partner companies, below we would like to introduce some success factors and demonstrations.

From Process Design to Manufacturing and Maintenance. Connecting "MONOZUKURI" with VR and IoT

In the manufacturing area, we shared customer case studies and some outcomes after the introduction of COLMINA, a platform that connects process design to manufacturing and even to maintenance. 

In the Connecting "MONOZUKURI" corner, customers could experience a demonstration in which an operator wearing HoloLens, a wireless headset, checks an actual manufacturing site. HoloLens enables customers to experience a world that integrates virtual space in the location. In the demonstration, data collected from manufacturing lines and all sorts of equipment was reproduced in a VR space. With HoloLens, customers can perform in real time from remote locations the same operations they do with actual equipment. Equipment can be viewed from any direction, and it is possible to communicate with people in other facilities.

Demonstration using HoloLensDemonstration using HoloLens

In the “Visualization of Factory by Utilizing IoT” corner, Fujitsu presented Intelligent Dashboard, a solution that uses IoT to visualize manufacturing data in order to provide accurate information on manufacturing status. This solution has already been introduced by several companies in the Asia region. The exhibition section held a demonstration featuring operational status at a Yokohama factory.

Intelligent Dashboard co-created with Schneider Electric, Microsoft Japan and other companiesIntelligent Dashboard co-created with Schneider Electric, Microsoft Japan and other companies

Using Data from AI-based Gaze Tracking to Address the Labor Shortage and Maximize Sales in the Retail Industry

In the Retail/Logistics area, Fujitsu presented ways to utilize data in order to address labor shortage and sales maximization issues, as well as to introduce ICT technologies that digitalize business processes. Specifically, sales and inventory status, distribution costs, and people's work efficiency were analyzed by combining a variety of data managed by business systems. 

In the demonstration that introduced customer service support AI estimated customers' states of mind based on their gazes. According to the movement of customers' gazes, information on items related to what they were looking at was shown on screens placed beside the mannequins. Such information was also sent to shop staff members' mobile devices in real time to help them serve customers. Fujitsu plans to release this service around summer 2018.

Detecting the gaze of a person standing in front of an AI mannequin to perceive his interestDetecting the gaze of a person standing in front of an AI mannequin to perceive his interest

Digital Transformation in Finance: What Will Future ATMs Look Like?

Advances in digitalization have led to intensifying efforts by other industries to enter into the financial business. Fujitsu collaborates with customers to propose digital banking technologies with the aim of establishing new businesses. This corner enabled customers to experience new financial services. For example, when a customer taps his or her smartphone on an ATM, the ATM displays information personalized for that customer.

Digital banking demoDigital banking demo

Experience Blockchain, Heart Simulator, and Other Cutting-edge Technologies

Fujitsu is working on initiatives to help customers' businesses and society progress using our cutting-edge technologies.

In the “Data Market Powered by Connected Blockchain” corner, Fujitsu presented "-Fujitsu Virtual Private Digital Exchange Technology " and "ConnectionChain." These platform technologies for new services use blockchain technology to promote data utilization in a wide range of companies and other organizations. Fujitsu Virtual Private Digital Exchange Technology enables secure data transactions across different industries, while ConnectionChain facilitates creation of contracts across different blockchains. Fujitsu has combined these technologies to achieve an integrated business flow in which data is distributed and money circulated using virtual currency, thus allowing automatic payment using virtual currency linked to data transfers. 

In the “Medical Education using VR/MR to Achieve Realism” corner, Fujitsu exhibited "Heart Explorer," "VR Heart Simulator" and other technology. Heart Explorer is a simulator that provides 3D insight into the human heart, while VR Heart Simulator allows the complex internal workings of the heart to be experienced in VR. Heart Explorer, made using the K computer, which had a demo in this corner, is a heart simulator that supports efficient learning. It enables one to use a detailed 3D model of the heart to freely observe and analyze the movement of cardiac muscles, blood flow and heart behavior detected by electrocardiogram.

VR/MR-based medical education that pursues realism (Japanese)

Connecting Dental Offices and Patients with IoT and the Cloud: Preventive Dental Care Practiced Together with our Healthcare Customer

In the “Cloud Service for Dental Offices” corner, Fujitsu presented a demonstration of a cloud service for dentists that it co-created with a healthcare customer. Fujitsu has combined this cloud service with an IoT smart toothbrush. This service provides a system for sharing dental health files (e.g., intraoral photography used at dental offices) along with home care information (e.g., the frequency and time of tooth brushing times of patients). At the exhibition section, customers could experience a demo in which they actually held the smart toothbrush in their hands and Fujitsu's proprietary calculations displayed their toothbrushing numerically in reference to proper toothbrushing techniques recommended by dental hygienists.

Cloud service for dental offices (Japanese)

Utilizing AI and DMP to Achieve Digital Marketing Targeted at Individual Customers

As points of contact with customers diversify, there is an increasing need for marketing that approaches each individual at theoptimal timing. In this area, customers could see solutions that advance customer contact points, along with the latest case studies. 

At the “New Customer Experience using Marketing AI” corner, "SeleBoo" was exhibited, a book selection service using AI Fujitsu jointly developed with a bookstore chain. SeleBoo provides a "keyword book selection" feature, which searches for books based on themes; a "key book selection" feature, which searches for books with content similar to a specified book; and a "location book selection" feature, which searches for books related to a geographical area. Customers were able to see a demonstration of how AI automatically selects books that suit a bookstore's characteristics, based on concepts such as the sales floor and customer base, from among approximately 600,000 books commercially available in Japan.

Keyword book selection demo using "SeleBoo"Keyword book selection demo using "SeleBoo"

At the Advanced Customer Contact Point Realized by AI × Human corner, Fujitsu presented an AI chatbot called CHORDSHIP that supports digitalization of customer contacts. CHORDSHIP, which automatically answers customer inquiries made to companies, achieves a high accuracy answer rate with only a few FAQs, thanks to its advanced technology for handling wording variations. CHORDSHIP has already been introduced by a soccer team, among others.

Fronta, the Kawasaki Frontale mascot, uses AI to answerFronta, the Kawasaki Frontale mascot, uses AI to answer

Next page : The next article introduces some outcomes for ICT in sports and entertainment, as well as for achieving work style innovation.

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