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Server Virtualization

Fujitsu’s experience in thousands of successfully realized server virtualization projects directly influences the development of our Fujitsu products, solutions and services. Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers and Fujitsu ETERNUS storage systems for example are optimized for server virtualization and cloud infrastructure scenarios. This is proven by many benchmark records.

Moreover, server virtualization offerings from our technology partners are integrated into our Fujitsu solutions. And especially to enhance your benefits in using server virtualization, we provide virtualization-extending offerings. Fujitsu ServerView Resource Orchestrator and Fujitsu DI Blocks for example allow the uniform management of a mixed environment – even if different server-virtualization technologies are used or if it is a mix of virtual machines and physical servers.

To have the best solution for your individual needs Fujitsu has developed a service offering which covers all aspects of server virtualization and cloud computing. For example, Fujitsu pre-defined and fixed price assessment services, so-called OPTIMIZATION Services, provide detailed recommendations which best help you achieve your business goals with your IT.

Please find below our Fujitsu offering with products from technology partners for virtualization and private cloud computing. We, Fujitsu, cooperate with all market leaders in order to have an appropriate solution for any of your requirements.

VMware VMWare

Fujitsu as VMware’s second OEM partner worldwide maintains a very close cooperation with the market leader in server virtualization. Learn more about VMware virtualization at Fujitsu.

Microsoft Microsoft

Hyper-V, Microsoft’s server-virtualization layer, is available as a free download or directly integrated with Windows Server. Learn more about Microsoft virtualization at Fujitsu.

Citrix Citrix Virtualization Software

Citrix provides reliable and XEN-based server virtualization which is also deeply integrated into Citrix’s client virtualization solutions. Learn more about Citrix virtualization at Fujitsu.

Linux LINUX partners

For Fujitsu x86 server-virtualization offerings from our broad network of Linux partners like SUSE, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS please use our appropriate operating system information.

Oracle VM Oracle VM

Fujitsu, as a key partner in the Oracle Validated Configurations program, has many Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers certified with Oracle VM. Learn more about Oracle virtualization.