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Tehokkaat infrastruktuuriratkaisut

Alustoille, kytkimille ja työasemille, jotka ovat käyttövalmiita ja laajennettavia. Luo innovatiivisia, käteviä ja tilaa säästäviä ratkaisuja 12 - 46 yksikön kehikoilla ja yhteensopivilla tietokeskusten lisävarusteilla. PRIMERGY-, PRIMECENTER M1- ja PRIMECENTER-kehikkoteknologiat: tulevaisuuden ratkaisut ulottuvilla jo tänään!


State-of-the-art racks suitable for all our products today as well as the server technology of the future.

PRIMERGY Rack Console Rack Console RC25

The ergonomic and compact administration station with integrated TFT monitor, keyboard and touchpad.

UPS Systems for Servers APC Smart ups

Imagine no longer having to worry about systems being damaged and files lost due to power failures. Electricity supply disruptions can be avoided.

Analog and Digital switches KVM switch s3

The console switches S3/S4 (Keyboard Video Mouse = KVM) from Fujitsu Technology Solutions are vital in the operation of cluster configurations and server farms in data centers. They offer a cost-optimized, platform and software-independent solution for rack system integration. Both PS/2 and USB interfaces from servers are supported, resulting in possible mixed configurations with different Fujitsu servers in one rack.

Ethernet Switches Ethernet Switches

Powerful, low-latency switches for data center Ethernet connectivity

Tape Backup enclosure Tape Backup enclosure

The PRIMERGY tape backup enclosure meet the increasing requirements for storage capacity for archiving and data backup in data centers and can be used wherever small to medium data quantities have to be saved.

FUJITSU Power Distribution Unit Power Distribution Unit (PDU) based on EMERSON MPH2™

Enable your IT investment with Fujitsu Power Distribution Unit offerings. Fujitsu network power of rack PDUs (based on Emerson MPE and MPH2™ Family) provides highest availability and most intelligent power metering and distribution.