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Virtualización: cómo funcionan los servidores virtuales en la realidad

Tecnología de máquinas virtuales y servidores PRIMERGY de Fujitsu

Además de tener que gestionar los costes de las infraestructuras de TI existentes, los directores generales de información deben encontrar el medio de aumentar la flexibilidad necesaria para reaccionar con celeridad a los cambiantes requisitos empresariales y de reforzar la fiabilidad de la infraestructura de TI para garantizar la continuidad empresarial. El objetivo de la virtualización es reunir los recursos de procesamiento y almacenamiento necesarios para realizar un uso a petición, en lugar de utilizar sistemas específicos para aplicaciones individuales. La mejora de la eficacia es una de las principales ventajas de este enfoque, ya que la capacidad de almacenamiento y la disponibilidad de los servidores hacen posible la optimización del uso. Del mismo modo, la infraestructura de TI puede adaptarse para cumplir con los nuevos requisitos de forma más rápida y sencilla, lo que aporta más flexibilidad a la empresa.

VMware vSphere 4 es el sistema operativo en la nube líder del sector capaz de transformar los centros de datos en entornos enormemente simplificados para ofrecer compatibilidad con la próxima generación de servicios de TI más flexibles y fiables. La tecnología de virtualización líder del sector y la experiencia de VMware permiten a VMware vSphere ofrecer servicios de control de calidad insuperable de mayor eficacia, respetando siempre las preferencias de los clientes. Los servidores blade, en rack y de torre PRIMERGY de Fujitsu se han optimizado para poder integrar la tecnología de virtualización de servidores vSphere4 de VMware. Todos los modelos de servidores PRIMERGY de la generación actual se han ajustado para ofrecer mejores resultados en cuanto a rendimiento, eficacia y fiabilidad para la nueva plataforma informática virtualizada de VMware, y proporcionar así una base sólida para los proyectos de consolidación de centros de datos.

Product information – Fujitsu datasheet

Product information – Fujitsu datasheet

Product information – Fujitsu datasheet

Product information – Fujitsu datasheet

Product information – Fujitsu datasheet

Fujitsu integrated systems using VMware software stacks

  • PRIMEFLEX for VMware VDI
  • PRIMEFLEX vShape
  • PRIMEFLEX for VMware vCloud
  • PRIMEFLEX for VMware EVO SDDC (coming soon)

  • Switzerland , Industry: Media & Communications
    The new Fujitsu ETERNUS All-Flash storage cluster has transformed application and database performance significantly at City of Veenendaal

    The City of Veenendaal replaces its aging storage system with two FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250 devices, delivering improved performance, disaster recovery and scalability.Tags: Data Center

  • Germany , Industry: Transportation & Travel
    Rhine-Sieg Public Transport Company (RSVG)

    Rhine-Sieg Public Transport Company (RSVG) services 62 bus lines in the Rhine-Sieg District/Bonn (North Rhine-Wesfalia) region. Fujitsu's challenge was the creation of a high performance and robust IT infrastructure as the basis for a new control center and an intermodal transport control system (ITCS). The Solution comprise PRIMERGY RX300 S6 servers combined with an EXTERNUS DX80 storage system and CELSIUS work stations.Tags: IT infrastructure

  • Oman , Industry: Healthcare
    Sultan Qaboos University Hospital revamps doctors’ toolkit and revitalizes patient care

    Sultan Qaboos University Hospital is committed to provide teaching, research and patient-centred care in an environment that supports continuous improvements. It employs approximately 2,258 medical professionals and treated more than 380,000 patients in 2011. The Challenge: Transformation of the platform running core medical software and services, using virtualization to enhance management, performance and efficiency of the hospital datacenter. This ultimately led to a measurable improvement in doctor efficiency and patient satisfaction. The Solution: The existing fragmented IT environment was replaced with new hardware and a 50-strong virtual server fleet. The environment is managed centrally, enabling administrators to respond faster to user requests and ensure system downtime is kept to a minimum.Tags: IT infrastructure

  • United Kingdom , Industry: Services
    Cutter relies on Fujitsu’s technology and its approach to service, to deliver VDI solutions across EMEA

    Following a project in the Middle East, Cutter became familiar with both Fujitsu’s technology and its approach to service. Together, the two companies now deliver VDI solutions across EMEA.Tags: Integrated Systems

  • Germany , Industry: Education
    University of Bonn

    The University of Bonn bears the name of Prussia’s King Friedrich Wilhelm III., who founded this famous institution of higher learning in 1818. Today, it is one of Germany’s great universities, one that produced two Nobel laureates: Wolfgang Paul and Reinhard Selten.Tags: Cloud Solutions , Storage Solutions

  • Germany , Industry: Education
    The University of Wismar raises its IT operational efficiency by using the Software Enterprise Service Catalog Manager enabling Hybrid Cloud Services

    The Fujitsu Enterprise Service Catalog Manager enables the University of Wismar to digitally transform the teaching process.Tags: Data Center , Server High-Availaibility, Storage Solutions

  • Switzerland , Industry: Media & Communications
    The Financial Department of the canton of Basel-Stadt streamlines its backup processes with ETERNUS CS800 data protection appliances

    The ZID ensures the high availability of its business-critical data with ETERNUS CS800 data protection appliances in three separate data centers.Tags: Data Center

  • United Kingdom , Industry: Financial Services
    Royal Bank of Scotland extends its virtual client infrastructure with PRIMEFLEX vShape, and gains highest efficiency and cost reductions

    RBS has worked with Fujitsu in various capacities for over 14 years. What began as a tactical break/fix service has, over the years, evolved into a more strategic partnership. As the company recently embarked on a digital transformation programme focused on workplace enablement, its relationship with Fujitsu has deepened further yet.Tags: Virtualisation

  • Austria , Industry: Services
    Virtual Desktop Environment: Vienna Tourist Board takes a new approach to client management with Fujitsu

    “Vienna, now or never” – in 2011 alone, more than 5.2 million people followed this slogan and discovered the heritage, culture and excitement that distinguish Austria’s capital city on the Danube. Vienna is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And the Vienna Tourist Board (WienTourismus) makes every effort to ensure that the city maintains its international reputation as an attractive and cosmopolitan metropolis. The Vienna Tourist Board is the official tourism agency for Austria’s capital. Based on a convincing proof of concept, Fujitsu showed the customer how desktop virtualization would be the ideal solution to optimize IT administration and user operations. The core of the solution is built around the leading server virtualization technology: Fujitsu PRIMERGY industry-standard servers and VMware vSphere. This gives the customer a stable, high-performance environment for running virtual desktops with maximum efficiency and resource utilization. The personalized virtual desktops running on the server platform are provisioned with VMware View, and users access them via their new Fujitsu Zero Clients.Tags: IT infrastructure

  • United Kingdom , Industry: Public Services
    Bron Afon Migrates to Fujitsu PRIMERGY and ETERNUS Hardware

    Bron Afon is a social enterprise that covers construction, community regeneration, support and much more. It was established in March 2008 when Torfaen Council tenants voted for Bron Afon to be their new landlord. Since then it has been bringing their homes up to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard. Its membership has grown to over 1,800 people who have a say in how things are done, making it one of the largest community mutuals and co-operatives in the United Kingdom.Tags: ETERNUS CS Virtual Tape Sol. , Storage Solutions, Voice Over IP

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