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Fujitsu SURIENT™ Managed Rack Solution

Secure and user-friendly access to all computing components in managed racks

SURIENT MRS (Managed Rack Solution)
Fujitsu Managed Rack Solution protects 19” racks from non-authorized access – by integrating electromechanical locks and security sensors such as intrusion, cabinet opening or shock sensors. The rack door can only be opened when the lock was securely unlocked before. The unlocking occurs only when the suitable employee has been authenticated via PalmSecure ID Match (PS ID M), based on palm vein scan and the requested access rights. The opening and closing of rack doors is monitored by special sensors. Additionally vibrancy sensors can recognize and report break-in trials. All activities are provided via logfiles to the monitoring system – enabling a comprehensive logging for full audit capability. SURIENT MRS is a much more flexible and cost-saving method for physical protection than other current methods of fencing racks. It can easily be used in datacenters of all sizes and even for Edge-servers. In case of colocation the opening of a rack can be extended to a 4 eyes principle. Only if the external data owner and the local admin jointly allow opening the rack, access will be granted.

SURIENT MRS is best suited for the protection of security-sensitive data and hardware such as Next Gen Firewalls, IPS, IDS, certification authority and active directory. It supports compliance with the EU GDPR guidelines when it is deployed to secure servers and storage where personal data is held.

SURIENT MRS is the ideal solution for all kinds of data centers, not matter if they are company-owned or hosted datacenters. It includes an integration service with our promise: The administrator will be trained and Managed Rack Solution runs within one day in customer’s datacenter.