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The FUJITSU JX40 S2 DAS Subsystem is a reliable and highly performant easy-to-use storage subsystem. It extends the storage capacity of FUJITSU PRIMERGY servers through a fastest 12 Gbit/s SAS connection. FUJITSU JX40 S2 subsystem provides high storage capacity with the flexibility to mix and match up to 24 x2.5" or 12 x3.5" SAS/ Nearline SAS HDDs or SSDs in a compact 2U enclosure. By cascading 4 enclosures, it can provide support up-to 96 x 2.5" or 48 x 3.5" disk drives with a maximum capacity of 737 TB (SSD with cascading). It is integrated with FUJITSU Software ServerView Suite for easy management and control. It is ideal for small and mid-range businesses looking for high performance, low footprint storage solutions. The most common workloads include storage virtualization, file servers, backup devices etc.
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  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Performance and flexibility
  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS) for PRIMERGY and other x86-based servers with 12 Gbit/s SAS connection
  • Up to 96x 2.5" / 48x 3.5" disk drives with a maximum storage capacity of 192 TB/576 TB (cascading)
  • Expand storage capacity by up to 737 TB (SSD with cascading)

  • Faster data transfer rate with 12 Gbit/s SAS connection
  • Flexibility to mix and match different disk drive types - SAS / Nearline SAS HDDs and SSDs
  • Scale as your storage demands grow
Quality and reliability
  • Components like hot-plug devices and power supply modules can be replaced while the server is running
  • The redundant hot-plug power supply units can be connected with phase redundancy via separate power lines
  • Optimum and secure cooling of the devices is ensured by two independent fans in each power supply unit
  • Disk drives can be organized in different RAID levels

  • Hot-swap devices and hot-swap/redundant power supplies provide maximum uptime
  • Continuous operation during flexible drive replacements
Ease of use
  • Flexible and modular components enable easy deployment and management
  • Status of the components is signalized by LED displays and light-emitting diodes
  • Disk drive extension is completely managed by the server and can be used in all usage scenarios with certified PRIMERGY servers
  • Integrated with standard FUJITSU server management ServerView Suite

  • Seamless integration with PRIMERGY Servers for storage expansion
  • Easy installation and control of the subsystem

Technical details

TypePassive direct server attached drive extension
Host InterfacesSAS 3.0 I/O-module (expander)
Maximum Disk Drives96 SAS disks and SSDs
48 Nearline SAS disks
Maximum Storage Capacity737 TB (by cascading 4 enclosures) TB
Drive interfaceSerial Attached SCSI (12 Gbit/s)

For more detailed technical information, please have a look at the FUJITSU JX40 S2 datasheet.

Support Packs

Support Pack OptionsAvailable in major business areas:
9x5, Next Business Day Onsite Response Time
9x5, 4h Onsite Response Time (depending on country)
24x7, 4h Onsite Response Time (depending on country)
Recommended Service24x7, Onsite Response Time: 4h


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