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The ETERNUS AB5100 all-flash array delivers high performance in a midrange AB series all-flash array. ETERNUS AB5100 all-flash array delivers ultrafast performance providing the building blocks for analytics data management that is fast, secure, efficient and future-proof. The AB5100 is an all-SSD storage system that turbocharges access to your data and increases its value. Requiring only 2U of rack space, the AB5100 all-flash array combines extreme IOPS, sub-100 microsecond response times and up to 21GBps of bandwidth with leading, enterprise-proven availability features

Features & Benefits

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Accelerates Business Applications

    • Designed specifically for mixed-workload environments, including big data analytics, High performance computing and video surveillance.
    • Increases performance for big data analytics applications such as Splunk by up to 2x, enabling you to search and analyze data in half the time.
    • Cuts video processing times by as much as 95%
    • ETERNUS AB5100 all-flash array helps to significantly improve the overall efficiency of IT operations while continuing to meet performance requirements from business operations
    Continuous availability

      • ETERNUS AB5100 storage systems enable you to achieve greater than 99.9999% availability and provide data integrity and security
      • Extensive capturing of diagnostic data provides comprehensive fault isolation and simplifies analysis of unanticipated events
      • Drive rebuild continues even when an unreadable sector or second failure is encountered
      Flexible configuration Options

        • Enables the automation and agility that are needed in the DevOps-based IT revolution,
        • Helps IT be more application responsive and agile to business needs
        • A Linux-based Docker Container service to embed applications on the ETERNUS AB5100. It enables cost-effective converged infrastructure for targeted workloads. Examples include applications related to analytics, video surveillance, and HPC workloads.
        • Protects investments in storage networks through the ability to independently scale to 1.8PB of raw flash capacity

        Technical details

        Host InterfacesFC (4, 8,16,32Gbit/s)
        NVMe over FC (32Gbit/s)
        iSCSI (10, 25Gbit/s)
        IB (100Gbit/s)
        NVMe over InfiniBand (100Gbit/s)
        NVMe over RoCE (100Gbit/s)
        SAS (12Gbit/s)
        Maximum Disk Drives444
        Maximum Storage Capacity1,836 TB
        No. of host interfaces4 Port [FC (4Gbit/s)]
        4 Port [FC (4, 8, 16Gbit/s)]
        8 Port [FC (32Gbit/s)]
        8 Port [NVMe over FC (32Gbit/s)]
        12 Port [iSCSI (10Gbit/s)]
        8 Port [iSCSI (25Gbit/s)]
        4 Port [IB (100Gbit/s)]
        4 Port [NVMe over InfiniBand (100Gbit/s)]
        4 Port [NVMe over RoCE(100Gbit/s)]
        8 Port [SAS (12Gbit/s)]
        Max. no. of hosts512
        Supported RAID levels0, 1, 1+0, 3, 5, 6, DDP
        Drive interface12G SAS(MiniSAS HD)
        Thin ProvisioningYes
        Remote Copy functionalitySynchronous and asynchronous

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