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Fujitsu MicroApplications Practice

Fujitsu MicroApplications Practice

Precision Solutions for Networking Challenges

Network operators are looking to increase efficiency and service agility in the most practical ways possible. In response, Fujitsu has created the MicroApplications Practice to help customers cost-effectively transform their software approach through flexible, automated applications.

Key Components:

  • Microservices: Standalone, container-based single-function modules developed to solve provider challenges in rapid development cycles.
  • MicroApplications: MicroApplications pre-package microservices, workflow automation and API integration into a customer ecosystem, and provide a user interface to address the functional customer behavior(s) required to administer the solution.
  • Open-source Automation Framework: The Warrior Platform, Fujitsu’s open-source automation framework, enables the fast development and deployment of MicroApplications and microservices.
  • Network Services: Fujitsu offers turnkey services for the development, multivendor integration, deployment, maintenance and support of MicroApplications and microservices.

Make the Most of MicroApplications

Fujitsu collaborates with each network provider to deliver the most effective microservice-based solution for each unique challenge, blending business expertise with the most advanced digital technologies.