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Whangarei District Council goes live on Windows 2000 and Citrix MetaFrame

Fujitsu Australia Limited

New Zealand, March 07, 2000

Whangarei District Council (WDC) Council today announced that it has gone live on Microsoft(r) Windows(r) and Citrix MetaFrame. A team from WDC, Fujitsu and Microsoft successfully carried out the upgrade, making Whangarei District Council the first local government body to upgrade to Windows 2000 in New Zealand.

Fujitsu, a long-time IT partner of Whangarei District Council (WDC), designed and carried out the Windows 2000 implementation with assistance from the Microsoft Windows 2000 'Early Adopters' program and Citrix.

The main driver for WDC was the need to run new applications such as Alchemy. Bob Wolff, Computer Services Adviser at WDC, explained: "We were running Citrix WinFrame 1.8 on Microsoft Windows NT(r) 3.5, and many new applications run only on later software, such as Windows NT 4. Going straight to Windows 2000 not only allows us to run the latest software, but also gives us the new facilities in Windows 2000 and a multithreading system that is far better integrated. And as a bonus, it is also easier to administer."

He also commented on the smoothness of the implementation. "Because we run a thin client network, we only had to upgrade three big servers. This is clearly easier and more controllable than upgrading 150 individual PCs. And because of the compatibility between Windows 2000 and Windows NT, we didn't have to alter the backend systems and databases. This meant that we could test out the upgrade on our development server and then switch all our users simultaneously."

Bob Wolff said: "The team from Fujitsu and Microsoft have been very good, and the development and testing went smoothly. Then over the weekend of the 26th and 27th we upgraded our production servers.

"The installation went very well, Windows 2000 and MetaFrame are running very well, and our main applications - Office 2000, HEAT and corporateVision - were all up and running right from the start. We had a few problems - mainly due to old software still needing 16 bit drivers - but the effect on most users has been minor. Overall, I'd say that this major upgrade went very well."

Greg Owen, Fujitsu account manager for WDC, said: "It was a team effort, with Fujitsu working closely with WDC, Microsoft and Citrix. Fujitsu is both a Microsoft Solution Provider and a Gold Citrix Network Solutions provider, both globally and in New Zealand."

With Fujitsu New Zealand's strong technical skill in a wide variety of Microsoft software including Windows 2000, Fujitsu offers a wide range of Windows 2000 services locally.

Microsoft New Zealand's Corporate Marketing Manager, Ross Peat said that Microsoft has tested Windows 2000 in literally thousands of different environments, and the feedback has shown overwhelmingly that Windows 2000 is a proven winner for customers.

"Whangarei District Council is among the many customers who have been early adopters, and we are pleased that the Council is benefiting from the lower total cost of ownership, increased system robustness and price performance that comes with Windows 2000," said Peat.

Andrew Cashmore, Citrix Systems' national account manager for New Zealand, said: "Using Citrix MetaFrame for the smooth and efficient rollout of Microsoft Windows 2000 illustrates perfectly how an application-server software environment can add value to an organisation through centralized management and control."

"Furthermore, MetaFrame can help Fujitsu maximise Whangarei District Council's investment in Windows 2000 by providing expanded enterprise management tools such as Dynamic Load Balancing, SecureICA Services and Installation Management Services."

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Date: 07 March, 2000
City: New Zealand
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