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Home Entertainment PC: Developers' Stories (3)

Fujitsu recommends Windows Vista® Business for Business Computing and Windows Vista® Home Premium for Personal Computing.
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The perfect blend of Digital Entertainment & PC power. A 32-inch Widescreen Home Entertainment PC that fulfills your every digital desire. Thanks to an innovative fusion of cutting edge technology, ultra stylish design and ease-of-use, this latest introduction is set to redefine your expectations in home entertainment.

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Next, we hear from Mr. Katsumata of product planning, and Mr. Tsutsumi of engineering.


Shinji Tsutsumi
Engineer, Engineering Department I
Desktop Products Division
Personal Systems Business Unit


Hajime Katsumata
Products Planning Department
Ubiquitous Platform Division
Personal Systems Business Unit

Why user interface by remote controller is so important?

Katsumata: Let’s imagine that you are enjoying your favorite video and DVD on the sofa in your living room. You cannot relax if you have to sit in straight position to use keyboard and mouse in order to select the video and DVD or to replay them can you? You want to do this in relaxed position, lying on sofa for example, with easy way of operation, don’t you? The best way to operate is to use a remote controller. I think it is a contradiction if a device is designed for you to relax but the operation of the device compromises your relaxation. Of course you must be able to choose and replay what you want to watch just by pressing remote controller through a single software.