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The Fujitsu Brand


Fujitsu is the world's leading IT services provider and Japan's market leader. Since 1935, Fujitsu has also been Japan’s foremost computer company. With more than 70 years of expertise, and over 2 decades in computing technology, Fujitsu pledges “Built-In Confidence” for every computing product it manufactures, ensuring you of both product and service excellence with the Fujitsu brand - synonymous with Prestige, Quality, Performance and Green.

Fujitsu. Towards a Greener, Healthier World.

In all our activities, and throughout the Fujitsu Group, we are deeply committed to safeguarding the environment. Our comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship spans the areas of group-wide environmental management, eco-friendly product design, development and recycling, sound production processes and reduced waste and emissions, helping customers to reduce environmental impact, and engaging in reforestation and other environmental outreach activities.


Product Testing

All Fujitsu products undergo rigorous and stringent testing according to the Qfinity quality control measures. At Fujitsu, we aim to exceed your expectations. That's why we ensure that the Fujitsu LifeBook notebook and Stylistic Tablet PC undergo these Qfinity quality control measures before they are made available to you.

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