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The 'Built-In Confidence' Promise

Loyal users and industry watchers alike have long been familiar with Fujitsu’s trademark high quality products and reliable service.

Singapore, May 7, 2007 — Loyal users and industry watchers alike have long been familiar with Fujitsu’s trademark high quality products and reliable service. These are the key factors that have sustained us through the years and carried us through the ebbs and flows of the industry to where we are today.

Drawing inspiration from the infinity sign on our brand logo, which represents the convergence of the earth and sun to result in a world of boundless possibilities, we have conscientiously rolled out innovative yet highly utilitarian products.

This belief has seen us driving the evolution of tablet PCs, relentlessly designing light yet full-featured notebook PCs, and exploring the realm of digital living with all-in-one home entertainment systems. It has also helped us metamorphose each of our computer products into your personal computing companion.

To further assure customers of our utmost dedication in engineering and providing the best products and services with superior quality and style, Fujitsu pledges ‘Built-In Confidence’ for each of our computing product. This has since become our customers’ favourite tagline, and we ensure that the promise is firmly anchored by three important attributes – Performance, Quality and Prestige.


To ensure that our computing products provide true efficiency and effectiveness for our customers, we have a team of experts who carefully calibrate every single item that goes into each product. Every innovation is tested to assess its usability and reliability before it is, or is not, integrated into your personal computing companion.

Our global R&D activity integrates Fujitsu Laboratories’ cutting-edge research with applied technology and product development across the Fujitsu Group. Close collaboration between our labs and business units and constant flow of information and innovation among our worldwide operations enable us to quickly bring to market innovative and highly reliable products and services incorporating the most advanced technologies.

Over the years, Fujitsu has garnered numerous awards from internationally acclaimed publications. Not only is each of these awards recognition of our meticulously manufactured product, it is also a highly motivating factor to spur us on.


At Fujitsu, we aim to exceed your expectations. Every LifeBook and Stylistic is qualified in Japan under a specially designed set of Qfinity management philosophy. This is to guide its employees to meet standards that exceed contemporary industrial quality levels, so that every product is delivered to you in world class quality. By implementing the highest quality standards into every design, Fujitsu’s computing companions are engineered to exceed expectations in reliability and style everyday.

Each product goes through an intense testing process before it is brought to our customers. This consists of drop test, shock test, vibration test, concentrated pressure test on LCD cover, open-and-shut test, repeated pressure test and connector tension test.

This is further attested to by loyal users of Fujitsu notebooks. This quality of assurance has, over the years, been our trademark that our customers identify with and this commitment will not waver in years to come.


Besides performance and quality, Fujitsu’s computing products are also synonymous with prestige as evident in the details that are put into our notebooks, from design to final production.

No effort is spared to provide our consumers the best in ergonomic and aesthetic experience and every product defines a class of its own. That is the kind of total experience that each Fujitsu owner walks away with.

Just in case you have missed our stylish computing companions before, give yourself another chance to experience the luxury and envy of owning a Fujitsu notebook. With a comprehensive range to cater to unique individuals, uncover the one that suits your style most.

Built-In Confidence

Every time you see the infinity mark, recall and imagine the performance, quality and prestige that come with every Fujitsu computing companion. These attributes form the foundation on which we build the promise of Built-In Confidence for every one of our customer.