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Insights from global big thinkers and C-suite executives from, discussing how leading ICT trends and strategic topics can drive success and contribute to the society.

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Creating the right mix of cloud and traditional IT

Perspectives on creating the new IT infrastructure balance from FCC CIO Dr David Bray, CA CEO Mike Gregoire and Fujitsu Research Institute senior research fellow Dr Martin Schulz.

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The rise of the media-savvy IT leader
From Hulu and Netflix to Canalplay and NowTV, never before has such an array of video streaming platforms been so widely available to audiences globally. At the same time, any notion of a fixed location for watching content has long gone — consumers now expect anytime, anywhere access to entertainment on smartphones, tablets and laptops

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strategy Exploiting big data to upgrade customer experience

Big data must be part of everyday activity across the entire organization if it is to fulfil — and even exceed — customer expectations in the new digital era. That’s the view of Thierry Bedos, CTO of, who is leading the Expedia-owned global booking site on a journey to fully leverage big data.

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